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  1. The weird looking slaphead bloke who played Jason in the 2009 Friday the 13th was in it as well.
  2. You live in a grotty bedsit above a kebab shop in croydon and regularly spot bullet riddled corpses strewn over the pavements on your daily trek to get a pint of milk from your local shop.
  3. You could put a lead on it and take it for walkies! I'm call him Bix.
  4. Yeah sorry not buying your anecdotes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-36299682
  5. Where was the sausage roll?
  6. Noticed a lot of these pricks on reddit, usually some soy boy faggots in their teens or twenties from London or some other dreary shithole in england who's entire world view consists of that one place and who think the rest of the UK actually resembles the depressing council estate dump and perpetually grey slum they come from. Another twat claimed to have lived in japan for the past 15 years yet can't stop mentioning how he never plans to come back to the UK in multiple posts? They get all teary eyed stamp their little feet and threaten to move to australia, NZ and canada like we're supposed
  7. So did they show your picture of you in a silly hat? lol
  8. I too have a university degree on peanuts 🤓
  9. Actual footage of the crime
  10. Did you know a black man invented peanut butter?
  11. Not those awful Plastic paddy Jack Ryan films that's for sure.
  12. I think Harrison Ford has a natural charisma and was the better choice though.
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