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  1. Who gives a fuck what colour their skin is, you racist tosser? Something wrong in your head if you're bothered about that.
  2. Who gives a fuck what colour their skin is? Something wrong in your head, kid.
  3. Yep - "Team GB" for fucks sake... Which cunt thought that up?
  4. Just read about that. Absolutely horrific. Sickening.
  5. Monkhouse's last gig - decent watch:
  6. Was classic when the cunt got nutted. Anyone who hasn't seen it - it's at 3:20. Sadly the clip is part of one of those banal z-list celebrity programmes, although I think this clip is worth watching in full... just to showcase Jay-Kay's complete cuntiness:
  7. Absolutely agree with the original sentiment - banal TV in the extreme. Didn't like any of these cunts when they were famous and certainly have no interest in any of the vacuous meanderings of their progeny.
  8. Abso-fucking-lutely. Great looking, great body and legs right up to her cunt.
  9. Having seen the interview with Bianca and her partner, they came across as good people, eloquently spoken. Why on earth the police felt the need to forcefully try and remove them from the vehicle and separate mother from child is beyond me. Clearly a racially motivated incident.
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