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  1. OK, when you are close, I'll give you a wave. Cunt. I thought you didn't want to communicate any more?
  2. It's not you though cunt unless you live in Devon? ICANN and https://enom.rdap.tucows.com/domain reveal a lot if you know exactly where to look? I would not think that the board owners would like a detailed account of their stats published, and I would never do that as an owner of four web-sites.
  3. But you muffed her I'll bet?
  4. OK, and thanks for the heads up .(I'm new here) I have guessed that there must be a clique of Frank the Wank's sycophants busily PMing each other, quite pathetic really.
  5. Who the fuck is EC? and Fuck all in my inbox! Only Admin and Moderators have permissions to look up IP addresses, Roopsy once confirmed my general area as being where I stated, so unless Roopsy or other admin or mods are risking a serious data breach, you can again, fuera coño
  6. I thought you didn't want to communicate any more, is my great personality that keeps bring you back, or are you just the cretinous oaf that you appear to be?
  7. Probably a little more than most, why? SD cards can be fucked with if that's what you're getting at?
  8. What a pathetic little piece of shit you are. No more communication because you can barely write the Queens English. Can we make it Tuesday because I'll be at my other home in Gib on Wednesday, the dogs will be loose though.
  9. This is like 'Groundhog day'
  10. I told you he's a poorly educated cunt: I think that you mean that on Wednesday you'll just about cum after wanking your tiny little knob.
  11. Hello darling, Que pasa on Wednesdays? Is it your day off from the Transit kebab van? You are the most idiotic cunt on this board after Apeshit. Oh! and I didn't think you were British by your very poor command of the English language! Hasta el miércoles que viene ....coño, hijo de perra cabrón
  12. So the cunt posts up a photo a few days ago boasting a menu in Conil, Spain, yet today he's allowed to wander around in Hyde Park without quantining for two weeks. He's fucking with you, or don't you know that?
  13. According to SC, do not be fooled by photos! Was Wankie Frankie holding today's copy of the Times.... sorry, the Sun?
  14. Pure envy of what, certainly not of Frank the Wank! My imagination? What about yours, or should I state delusions?
  15. Did you just yap? No, it was just an annoying shit eating blow fly that I just swatted. Really apeshit you ought to consider giving up with you inane comments, I know this forum is for cunts but you have taken that assumption and improved upon it.
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