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  1. Cool. How about showing us your tits instead...? XYY
  2. Love at first shite from the way the cunt's been sniffing round my fucking arse... XYY
  3. And you're the best this site's got...? Mack the Knife in a fucking gun fight... XYY
  4. That'll be the toy that ripped you a new arse in your own back yard last night. I expected some kind of minor skirmish before you capitulated - but right from the start, you were all piss and wind... XYY
  5. Give over you daft twat. Making me an 'admin' of any forum would be like putting Ken Dodd in charge of the fucking tax office... XYY
  6. Lick the sweat from my shitty arse crack Peter Beardsley... XYY
  7. And with that, I'll bid all you mongs goodnight, and fuck off back to DOSBODS. I was going to bid you all "sweet dreams" - but seeing that probably involves a large dildo located in, or around Michael Barrymore's swimming pool, I'd probably better fucking not... XYY
  8. Aye, I've clearly given you too much stimulation tonight. Don't worry though, Matron will be around with your meds soon enough... XYY
  9. Wouldn't be my first choice mind. I'd pick your mam screaming "Please stop making me fucking cum XYY"... XYY
  10. Bet it's getting you all moist around your shit-flaps Erica... XYY
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