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  1. I think so yes, i think its more the issue of infected fuckwits from the city coming down and spreading the rona then putting said area into a higher teir than it was, hunt them with fackin pitchforks i reckon. Until corona is gone obviously becuase they'll need the tourist trade again
  2. The second home is in an area with low rates of covid, they arrive there from say Central London which has high rates, they then use the local shops ect unaware that they have it, there is the problemo. The coastal towns are full of second home owners and the locals are baying for there blood.
  3. Shagging a fat bird as a lot like riding a moped, all good fun till your mates catch ya
  4. I think it feels like somones knotted up a tie round your throat too tight, its the only thing you will think about in that scenario never mind taking time to go through a wedding
  5. 110%, they both look partial to a cocktail sausage by the kilo the fat pair of cunts. More chins than a Chinese phone book between them
  6. Basted myself like a Christmas turkey eh, just a vicious rumour that you cant prove it, the charges never stuck and that library had no cameras. Lol.
  7. I say step it up a gear, phall lasagne. Phallsagne, its got a ring to it. Take it on dragons den as the ring piece destroyer
  8. Pairs well with the sprouts of evil i reckon
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