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  1. Sam dingles changed since the laat time i saw him on emmerdale
  2. Somalis are the shiftiest stabbiest cunts out the lot i can't stick them, had one threaten to stab me when i worked on his neighbours house because i blocked his sky signal. He'd have got a hammer straight in the teeth if he got within swinging distance.
  3. I had one burgle my house, never stabbed by one though, yet. Fucking hellfire you must have done a number to get stabbed
  4. No, useless teenager hater would be fair though. And they mostly all are.
  5. Soft as shit, we have young lads come into our trade all the time and want to start on 500 pound a week, not get wet not get dirty have two breaks, have everything provided for them and then have someone else do the actual work for them becuase its too hard. I tell them try burger King or go back amd gain an education
  6. I've also now got a bloodshot eye and I've not even laid a cable today. The wonders of life will never cease
  7. True, but mental birds can be very entertaining. Until they do something intense like burgle your house
  8. People are staying at home later and later aren't they, even into there 30's, i was gone by 17 and was in full-time work, who wouldn't want there own personal space by then
  9. Oh theres a few banging ones i swear, I've a weakness for gingers. Wiry hair though, and usually batshit crazy
  10. I can't stick ed sheeran, really swang it for me when it turned out he wasn't actually homeless and was choosing to act like it while his millionare parents were living comfortably in Framlingham. He's very high up on my complete cunt list
  11. You are officially thursday hero for that reason
  12. It is a genuine shame our kids wont get to grow up in the same world we did, everything is so safe for a start, plus you aren't allowed to fail at anything, getting things wrong was how i learned my most valuable lessons, social media is a lead weight aswell becuase kids use it in there awkward developmental years and becuase of that there mistakes get played out on line to a massive audience and never get left behind. Plus music for example, i used to listen to the clash, kids have got cardi B now. God help the future generations.
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