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  1. She could have probably got a job as an apprentice sparky as i reckon she's shit hot with wires
  2. Had this with my last house although in that case it was scumbag foreign bods spitting and smoking at the bottom of my drive, try strangling them or charging them with a baseball bat it worked a treat for me.
  3. He should be ashamed of himself, Stephen merchant is just the dad version of Russell brand
  4. Well that's bollocks, everyone knows janine slung barry off that cliff and ended him. Your just making it up bruv
  5. If i had bigger tits i reckon I'd do alright at eurovision you know, i can definitely belt out a tune. I might apply, the world hasn't suffered quite enough yet
  6. Definitely Christine kochanski, your definitely ace rimmer. Smoke me a kipper skipper..
  7. Seems totally nonsensical doesn't it, surely no flights should literally mean no flights end of.
  8. Just shoot the cunt then sling him in a canal, jobs a goodun
  9. Fully believe that, foos were good after though, they had someone guesting for them but cant think who now, possibly josh homme
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