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  1. Typical response from a pack of CUNTS like you guys...hahahaha I knew I would get such a pathetic reply from pathetic people. Hey King Billy I hope our paths cross one day cunt I will rip out your fucking throat you piece of shit..
  2. You guys make me fucking laugh, I have never in my life heard SO many jealous guys in my life talk about Amanda Holden as you do. What is it because she has made a dam good living for herself or you can't get into her pants because your dicks are to small. Good on ya Amanda keep doing what you are doing honey show off your body and suck as many cocks as you want, I won't call you filthy names I just wish I could slide my cock inside you too BUT I know one thing these arse holes that put you down are just lonely simple weak Idiots don't worry about them. You go girl xx
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