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  1. I don't like her cos she's disingenuous 🐠
  2. Nuff said 🐠 https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/tv/britains-talent-fans-predict-ofcom-19004661
  3. Is it watched most by chavs or the jam & Jerusalem brigade
  4. They're all sheep, licking the They're all sheep, licking the sweaty arse crack of anyone for 5 mins of fame 🐠
  5. And that effects me how? What an ego 🐠
  6. For being white, male, middle age, middle class wazocks and their moaning and complaining. Boris should be grateful it's only the piss being taken outta him. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/tv/bake-off-matt-lucas-complaints-18984900
  7. You're a clinker from my arse. I'm Catholic and Irish so go and play with your bum 🐠
  8. The way you talk, it's not like the Catholic church via Irish nuns buried unmarried mother's and children in cess pits? Come on......🐠
  9. Gotta say, on my first perusal last night, I did snort diet coke through my nose at some of the posts. However, some of you cunts are just mundane #you'reboring 🐠
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