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  1. And I bet the BBC cunt is on £500,000 a year. Plus expenses for a carer naturally
  2. Good, I see this absolute wankstain has lost his libel case. Without doubt a talentless,make-up wearing utter cunt of the highest order.
  3. And its about time we locked up all these so called “radicalised‘ cunts in this fucking country BEFORE they have a chance to do anything. The fucking police let these cunts burn Poppies/Flags,’cos they are too shit scared to arrest the cunts, but if i burnt a copy of their “religious text‘ i would be filmed and arrested by the police for ‘inciting racial hatred‘ and labelled a racist Nazi. Again and again we see it it on the news how these terrorist cuntbreeds were “under surveillance” or “known to the police’ and nothing at all is done until it is too late FFS! Wtf is wrong with
  4. I liked him in the sci-fi film “Outland” Zardod was utter shite. Matt Hancock is a cunt.
  5. Include the fucking pikey shop Asda in that as well
  6. Sainsburys A quick trip there and i find another PC load of utter bollocks,i thought BAME cunts made up a tiny percentage of the UK population. Seems that i am mistaken,as the clothing department does not feature any of us Anglo Saxon types. Why dont these advertising cunts wake up portray the real story?? Too scared i guess.
  7. They have to give it large for all their shite programs Sums up the BBC i.e. utter cunts. Eastenders with total cunt Danny Dyer,Casualty,Holby City,A Question Of Sport,etc,etc all a load of fucking wank and 20 years past its sell by date FFS.🤮
  8. Oh and almost forgot-an ex-footballer which instantly makes him a total cunt.......
  9. Well, Another nomination..Richie Anderson . This highly annoying cunt does the travel news on Radio 2 . His mincing on the Ken Bruce show is of epic proportions. But he fits the BBC profile perfectly as- A- he is black. B-he is a poofter The BBC are utter CUNTS.😃
  10. Yes, I know he has probably been cunted before,but this cunt has now re-appeared on the TV again so deserves another cunting. This time though he has to tell us his stupid Welsh name (In case we all forgot) and we get a clip of this wankstain singing nessum dorma. He needs clubbing to death for not only being an utter cunt but also being Welsh,who are the most despicable cunts on the planet. Fuck off.
  11. The actor Albert Popwell was the bank robber in Dirty Harry who said that line.
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