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  1. I am wondering if this fingering malarkey happened at the deli counter or nearby, and also did he smear the fishy residue on the Tesco finest ham and olive's? I hope so.
  2. You need to stop wanking in the car and use the brakes, you dirty fucker.
  3. I was born in 1876, so I am at least 70.
  4. I am sure there are a fair few old cunts on here and we are all ageing but getting old is a right cunt isn't it? Wiry hairs growing out my ears, eyebrows, and nose, anywhere but my actual head. Groaning as you stand up, sometimes when you don't even need to. Feeling like a dirty old cunt when you look at 20 something ladies. Pissing more often. Getting bitter and hating the world and the cunts within it. Never mind eh, hopefully I won't be shitting the bed for at least 30 years.
  5. How can you be sure? Did you pull over and inspect it thoroughly, taste it maybe?
  6. @Roadkill what have you seen on the roads then? Apart from road kill?
  7. The true Labour party is a past memory, the grand cunt Blair changed it to appeal centre Tory voter's and Corbyn...well the less said about that cunt the better. Labour needs to split with Corbyn and Flabbot forming the ultra left and Sir Kier following Blairs model. Labour are trying to appeal to their working class core voters whilst also trying to please the Tarquin and Jemima twats. Either way Labour won't get in for at least another 10 years.
  8. So how come @Frank career at the corner has so spectacularly come to an end? I suppose being a massive bender couldn't cover up his total lack of talent and dire responses. It really is a Greek tragedy. What a stupid fucking cunt he is.
  9. That's exactly how I feel watching that particular advert but couldn't be arsed to describe it as well as you. What a fucking cunt that Schofield is.
  10. @ProfB don't you think that Philip Schofield is a revolting fucking bender? I am sick of seeing his smug face on we buy any car adverts.
  11. He was having a go at my friendship with @Major Cunt who rightly commented on my outstanding contributions of late etc. I think you were being cooled off weren't you? And missed my contributions. What did you do to @Mrs Roops to make her hate you so much?
  12. Was that picture taken when @Frank slipped his dirty bellend up or out of her shitter?
  13. Who will be liable if there is a crash etc? Can't be the driver as he/she is not in control. I guess we will pay a licence fee to use 'our' vehicles and not require personal insurance. I'm sure the insurance companies will find some other way of ripping us all off for travelling 50mph down the M4. They'll still ban drinking, drug taking and sex in the moving vehicle's as well. The future looks shit.
  14. What is the benefit of self driving cars? I cannot understand this current obsession with taking responsibility away from people. We have used cars in their current form for ages yet the cunts want us all sat in a car controlled by some cunt somewhere who's not liable if the Russians hack the thing and 'make' me run over @Frank. If you are a woman and can't park you shouldn't be driving, if you are scared of or shit at drivjng...you shouldn't be driving. Etc, etc.
  15. Fusion cuisine confuses me as every nations most recognisable dishes contain ingredients not native to that country. Different nations also use techniques and procedures borrowed or stolen from other nations. All food is fusion to some degree, Risotto rice is not native to Italy, chillies are not native to India and @Mrs RoopsRoops declined my offer of curry goat, rice and peas with a side of Welsh rarebit. It's very confusing.
  16. Your life sounds extremely dull @Arnold, you have come to right place for excitement, danger and adventure...remember to give me 3 likes a day and I'll help you navigate your way around the corner. Keep an eye out for anything @Dawn Chorus posts...and ignore it as it'll make staring at your shitty clock seem like sky diving.
  17. An interesting topic @Arnold, at what age does a man become middle aged? I'll wear shorts any day of the year when the temperature is over 10 degrees Celsius. I'm lucky I 1) Have muscular legs, 2)am not hopefully middle aged (42) And 3) I don't notice/feel the cold, Mr @Arnold do you know I hardly put the heater on winter gone, the money I've saved will pay for some shorts for cousin Raasclaat in Haiti. https://images.app.goo.gl/rMa7w7wN4vpD9r9P7
  18. On this alone women are destined for failure.
  19. Hey @Frank who do reckon is going to the final then Selby or Bingham?
  20. You really are having a meltdown over your precious likes aren't you? You are now taking like you are some kind of martyr. Why don't you stop telling everyone about your punishment and relax on your IKEA sofa and finish your pot noodle. You lying peasant bastard.
  21. @Dawn Chorus seems to want to kill herself with each post on the corner. Could all this depressing drivel actually be a cry for help? Or perhaps she likes to keep repeating her death.
  22. Cheers @Major Cunt, I'm part of the furniture now. Yes I've sussed the place out and it's only a game as you say (with some politics as well) and I can tell you're a bloke who knows the score, and has a realistic outlook.
  23. I think @Frank would intercept your lifeless body and pop you in his freezer so he could talk to you about snooker every morning. You'd probably be his first true friend.
  24. I despise @Cockyroach a boring racist one trick pony, at least @Eric CuntmanCuntman demonstrates some funny well thought out racism. I want to kill him, and then serve curry goat and rice and peas at his funeral.
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