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  1. A bold assumption indeed. Have you finished shaking your fist and cursing Mr Sunak’s name after his announcement on a potential public sector pay freeze yet? Or am I also way wide of the mark?
  2. ? What you doing on here on a Thursday night? Shouldn’t you be out front clapping and banging pans?
  3. What part of Norfolk are you from Mr.Incite?
  4. An accurate assessment. Although are there actually any settlements in South Norfolk, beyond lodgings for a few hundred thousand pigs?
  5. Afraid not, although I have treated Brutus Jr. to the steam museum. The poor cunt 🚂
  6. Is this a trap? For I, too, call the flat plains of Norfolk home
  7. For Kirsty’s sake. It’s our duty to sing the original words louder and prouder lest younger generations forget.
  8. I was about to say the mother has fared quite well, considering the likely trauma of both birthing and raising ProfB.
  9. I guess now that you’re paying anywhere up to 50p for a basic bag, at the very least it should hold a litre or two of warm piss.
  10. Tesco: proud sponsor of the Darwin awards. I can only assume ProfB’s legal guardian uses breathable cotton mesh bags now, to avoid a repeat of when his brain was last starved of oxygen.
  11. Aren’t plastic carrier bags supposed to have little holes in them to stop our wee nippers crawling in and choking?
  12. Aye. I was angling for a nod of approval from @ChildeHarold, but he didn’t bite
  13. God I’m a sucker for some saucy Star Trek fan fiction
  14. I think you and I will get on Wolfie I clearly haven’t made my feelings on the the public sector clear enough yet in my opening gambits. But to be fair my only nomination to date is discounts being offered to the NHS...
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