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  1. The thing is people die to get into decent crematoriums.
  2. Thing that gets me is people are hitting social media crying about how they can’t get one, looking on eBay you got cunts that bought 10-20 of them and are flogging the shit for a bang of sand each. It’s a fucking miracle if this society lasts another 100 years!
  3. I’ve been a fan of wheeler dealers since it started, with the loss of Edmond China we now have an ex copper cunt running the garage. Now he’s a proper cunt he moved out to the US fucked off his wife married an American, and oh yes there’s an and I can stand this prick he talks through the corner of his mouth has an annoying voice and the show has now become some sort of cunt show. Now I know that fat cunt slated Ed for being a traitor but in my eyes I wouldn’t wanna work for some money grabbing fat cunt! Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Mum why do I have hairs growing around my cock.
  5. Now your talking my language breath of fresh air.
  6. Those jaffas for your spout at the kiddies park.
  7. Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger I’ll say it as much as I want you fucking pretentious angry 😤 little virgin!!
  8. Oh my this overly angry homo hasn’t had any cock today. I’d suggest taking a shot gun and sticking it your mouth and blowing off your own fucking head dick head.
  9. In my eyes I would send in 10 bombers and bomb the fuck out of every nigger and every Chinese cunt and every paki cunt.
  10. Look at his fucking face, I’d grab his curly hair and punch the fuck out of his face breaking his fucking jaw and popping his cross eyes then jump on the cunt
  11. Just seen a new Asda ad with that curly haired cross eyed cunt with a white wife ?? Smashed my wall with hate.
  12. The ad that fucking turns me into a killer is that fucking smart insurance advert with the blond haired paedo looking cunt and his inbred ginger haired kid. I would run up on the house and shoot the fucks 💀.
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