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  1. I applauded the fact you could spell, you fucking crazy twat. Hence the suggestion that you could be the leader...
  2. You're a talented man that you've managed it. You must be their leader.
  3. Or indeed any sort of ability to spell a word correctly that has more than 7 letters. What a first class fool.
  4. Is this the kind of lazy, half witted content I've joined for. I assume it was poorly crafted by an entitled white Male who has no appreciation for the struggles we face. Drop in standard "BLM" accusation for an easy tick. Perhaps you could try a little harder to create some original content, instead of peddling the agenda of Nick Griffin and Tommy Robinson. Iron Mike was a great, torn down by the media because he wasnt a poster boy type. The athletes that conformed and kept quiet I.e. Lewis and Holyfield, were promoted to the top solely because they could be controlled and kept qui
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