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  1. He lived life to the full, snorting nose candy with Carlos Tevez and the many other traitorous rats the stunted obese toad. He inspired a nation of Cozeners that welcomed Nazis with open arms. No surprise the jocks also idolise him north of the border and anyone else to get one over us. Pipe blowing cunts.
  2. Thankyou for asking. The name is Ernest. I fucking hate Tesco and cunts with unwarranted sense of entitlement.
  3. For someone who clearly knows his way round this forum and sprawls out a constant deluge of shite in desperate need of love and attention, I was clearly quoting that spacko schoolgirl with the use of "aint". Please make every effot to contact Daddy, he will listen next time. Now I must say I usually find your repartee that of someone with severe age regression, but I enjoyed the use of Yoghurt Knitting. Seems my arrival has irked you for the better.
  4. First Rule of CC is there aint no rules, oh other than calling out a bunch of paedo's or gloating as a result of fucking one's mother? You fucking blabbering schoolgirl
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