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  1. Those, stupid, fucking meercat ads for that comparison site get on my tits, they were funny 20 years ago, hold on.No, they fucking wasn't. You actually have had cases of yuppie twats ringing zoos, asking if they can buy a meercat for little Cynthia's birthday ! Yeah, bring it on, if you want your snot nosed brat to have worms, rabies, scabies , crabs and scabs. Stupid bastards.
  2. Their fucking government buy AK47s , that's what.
  3. I don't give a fuck if little Pakawayo has to walk 70 miles with a rusty paint tin that's got a hole in it , to get water from a ditch that every animal on the continent has shit, pissed and fornicated in ,while his parents sit on their arses on the veranda. How much fucking money do these fuckers want ? They've been bumming money to dig wells ever since I can remember. They should have a reservoir as big as the fucking Pacific by now ! Don't worry about Pakawayo, he'll have a fucking council flat in Brixton by the time he's 18 anyway.
  4. Tales of the unerected Doggers behaving badly Cum scene investigated The great British bat off
  5. Agreed, LCS. The badger headed bastard will think he's the fucking Messiah, now.
  6. I once went on a sponsored walk, for psychiatric nurses round her .But , half way round, I was fucked and had to get the bus back.
  7. Gravity, has been no friend to her tits.
  8. This, mealy mouth piece of shit has turned London into a open sewer with his half wit , eastern influenced policies. What fits there, don't here so leave you medieval fucking ideas where they belong, in the fucking ninth century. Stupid bastard.
  9. Looks like that poxed , Central TV is pushing Ponce boy Schofield. This muck thrusting twats shagged out, grey bonce is on everything. Remember , not long back , when he came out ? (And we all went in.) "Oh the agony of being Phillip , how Ive suffered , my life's wank". Blah blah. Soon got over that , the attention seeking , fucking abscess. Left his missues in the ditch , she was the one that suffered, living with this, sick faced bastard.
  10. No, dear God, no ! May I bite off my own head and fires of hell consume my very soul, sooner that suffer this diabolical torment !
  11. I fucking hate Sam Smith, with his great fuck off, out of proportion head. This bent bastard looks like a kiddies wooden spoon doll.He made a track called, "Am I too good at goodbye?" No, twat , you ain't. Say it once and fuck off for good.
  12. Fucking hell ! Didn't think of that. That's like trying to shoot yourself, and missing with all six rounds.
  13. Thought it was funny when seaside donkey brain Davy boy explained that , "When I saw her in that cat suit, that was it !" He was smitten with the shit coloured skeletal , beady eyed fuck pig.A trip to Specsavers would have saved him from a world of bollocks.But, you have to remember, he ain't the sharpest tool in the box. A woodlouse thrashed him at "Hungry hippo", abit back.
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