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  1. I'm speaking metaphorically, you tadpole brained weevil.
  2. Our lives have become borlng and jaded. Please forgive our simian fantasies. But, Gibbons have a kind of animal magnetism !
  3. Good point Eric, what's bothering me about this whole primate sex thing is , if you shagged a marmoset would that be classed as infidelity ?
  4. Now, there's a bonus if ever there was.But , would they get all flaky if you shagged another gibbon, or some other desirable primate ??
  5. I have given this long and careful thought, dear sir. Gibbons, are quite attractive and have several plus points. If you come home in the wee hours, covered in spew , with a kebab on your head , pissed as a rat and stinking like a Chinese's whores sock, a Gibbon will say nothing, also, she will never complain about your sexual prowess, or lack off.
  6. Whilst I suspect ,Stubby Pecker of being a avid reader of "The Sun", and god forbid, a Labour party member complete with green hair , Joe 90 NHS specs and piss stained dungarees, I have to agree with his prognosis of the aforementioned , shite program. Once, this type of program was reserved for the hysterical, ungrateful colonial bastards on the other side of ," The pond". Their society has slowly degenerated in to a fetid cesspit since the Redcoats fucked off home. Sad to say, like many unsavory things ( strange smelling swarthy people in boats , for one) has found its way to this sceptered isle. When the simian faced, Katie Garroway received a award for a program about her husband's illness , "Finding Derek," I could stand it no longer. (I watch this kind of shit as a kind of penance , for being a total cunt and a twisted twat) Derek, wasn't lost, he was infested by covid , as the fleas of a camel infest a Arabs sphincter. I could stand this vomit no more.The Americans may find this , self congratulating shit entertaining , but they are well used to sucking their own organs and that of their peers. I switched over, and watched a a enlightening program called , "Knitting for Unrepentant Nazis", Which was much more interesting.
  7. Go fuck yourselves ,you gibbon molesting sodomites.
  8. Stomach churning stuff , indeed. Only hope he wrapped his flange in barbed wire and stinging nettles.
  9. Other wise known as, "The self admiration of talentless twats."
  10. I'd love to kick fuck out her , baggy faced piece of offal
  11. I hate the slobbering , fat faced fuck pig as much as I hate that , squint eyed sided mouthed old fucking bag, Lorriane Kelly. He's a personallty devoid bag of stoat cum. Fucking shitgob media and commie stump suckers ,abound
  12. Fucking shitgob media and commie stump suckers ,abound
  13. This blokes a total wank stain."Leading Britain's conversation." Who the fuck are they kidding ? The fat, draft dodging twat couldn't run a fucking bath, never mind a chat show.Typical media gobshite.Overblown, shitmouthed, chicken molesting , odious fucking colostomy bag. Ferrari ? Fucking , Trabant would be nearer the truth.Cunt.
  14. Those, stupid, fucking meercat ads for that comparison site get on my tits, they were funny 20 years ago, hold on.No, they fucking wasn't. You actually have had cases of yuppie twats ringing zoos, asking if they can buy a meercat for little Cynthia's birthday ! Yeah, bring it on, if you want your snot nosed brat to have worms, rabies, scabies , crabs and scabs. Stupid bastards.
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