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  1. Suffering fuck, I’m beginning to think the shitmunchers are right. I bored my fucking self with those last two comments.
  2. I’m not a fan. “Them” were great, but he’s churned out the same old same old for 30 years now.
  3. I honestly thought that was where you worked Ed. We used to chat freely about it. Twice in two days now you’ve come at me with bitter, cutting comments. Somethings gone awry here Tedward. We should get together and discuss your problems in depth.
  4. Me ? Rattled ? 😂😂😂 For making an innocent truthful comment about your nom ? I think we both know that’s nonsense. What happened to you man ? 5 or 6 strategically placed comments and I’m already bouncing you about like a cracked table tennis ball. Did you get that little pang of dread in the pit of your stomach when you saw I had returned ? In the old days it would have been a hard on.
  5. I knew all of that Ed. But it’s good to have you on board. How’s work in McDonalds ?
  6. I take back all of the pleasantries. This is fucking drivel. You need a boot up the bollocks by a big man in Steel toecapped boots..... possibly a German.
  7. Not especially high. Just as well as she’s a size 11.
  8. This is actually good. Really. I laughed out loud. You've grown as an individual. I’m not even going to sign off with a nasty one liner, though it’s screaming out for it.
  9. That’s cold. And me being a hairs breadth from visiting the ghost of Ming when SJ182’s wings came off and hit the sea last week. Once again I narrowly cheated death. I decided not to fly at the last minute as I had to break in a pair of shoes for a lady friend. That aside. I’m unimpressed.
  10. In this case you are all correct. There is nothing here for me. But only because you’ve not moved on. Same old recycled shit. Sadly Deco, this forum is the best thing you've got going on. It’s important to you. 😂 Ed, I’m appalled at your behaviour. You’ve been sucked into their world, using vitriol as a substitute for character. You used to almost be one of the best ones.
  11. What an enigma you are Profb. I could almost believe you are for real, and some actually did a few years back. Very convincing. In fact I’m still not 100% to be honest. You could truly be a poor little mindless simpleton. Still, I like you. If you are the innocent young woman you have portrayed in the past, do you have nice tits ?
  12. Ratter ? Are you out there you filthy little Nazi ?
  13. Let’s not do this again. I’m looking for something more challenging than destroying you again. It’s all too easy. And feel free to keep rehashing and reusing the best of my material. Not a problem.
  14. Don’t give me that old tosh Gyppo. You remember the good times I know. I can see you are au fait with narcotics crime. Can I assume you’ve had a few heavily filled condoms inside you ?
  15. ‘Baws. Getting old I see. Once upon a time you would have pounced on Self flagellation being a Papist pastime, and had no part of it.
  16. Are you old enough to be on here ?
  17. Great stuff Deco. The Sun reading, Pot Noodle eating lot that you humour will love this. Its flattery I know, but I just read your last nom. It was brilliant. Well done you. I loved the way you finished it off by adding “Fuck Off” on its own at the end. One of my trademarks. I was always one of the best ones. The elite. But your appeal to the shitmunching masses is ok too.
  18. It’s come to this. I’ve never been so bored. I’ve even come back here. Punishing ones self is the only way forward. And god knows most of you need punishing.
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