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  1. Wow wow I know this...step away from the shitty thumb that you just pulled out your gay hole
  2. Old stool bayonet practice for "funzies"
  3. Why? Imagine of a weird clothed ....hi..Maria Brady ...noice
  4. Tut and other shite that fell from my zdyson.cat.joover.
  5. Thank you for your observations on stickiness.
  6. You lurked and thought...I'm a smart arse. BUT...this is old shite from years ago. I wil fuck you up.
  7. You are regurgitating the same shite from 10 years ago. I can't imagine wanting to be loved so much.
  8. I've been here before you. You dickhead. When the rest of the bleach drinking cunts figure this out you will be my bitch....
  9. You've been here for years. Fox/gypsy stuff like an old wooden record player that nobody has the heart to get rid of. I like old musical instruments so don't despair.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen I stand before you and beg mercy for the evolutionary advancements of African people who don't need to use spray glue on their hair to make it straight. Gorilla glue is a racist product that tricks low IQ individuals into spraying it not on carpets but on "day heds" to attract a "buck nigga". The racist warnings on the strong adhesive products states "keep out out reach of children".
  11. My name is Gary "gaz" Chambers and I don't believe anything I say.
  12. Yeah I thought as much. How about a glass bottle up the arse with a firework banger in it or has that been done. It's been so long....
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