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  1. I'm off now, wake the fuck up or does the idea that some commie cunt who has the ear of world leaders and business leaders is hoping to fuck up our lives scare you so much that you just want to stick your head up your arse and hope it all goes away.. https://www.weforum.org/press/2020/06/the-great-reset-a-unique-twin-summit-to-begin-2021/
  2. Control.. why else? A frightened population is a controlled population.. there are books written on the subject.
  3. fuck me you didn't watch it did you? Do you know who the WEF are? Do you know who goes to their meetings every year? You have no idea have you? Frog in a saucepan of water on a moderate hotplate.
  4. Have you got an hour or so? Do you have a long attention span or is a 4 minute clip on a wanksite too long?
  5. Heheheh... have you actually looked at any of the material the WEF have put out in plain sight? Covid has nothing compared to what they are proposing sonny. I suppose as long as your Amazon orders get there, the pubs open after you have had your jab and you can visit Torremelinos every year for your "holibobs" everything is hunky dory..
  6. the usual fucking idiotic wank.. do yourself a favour take your head out of pornhub, your hand off your cock and see what the cunts who run the world are up to...
  7. They're using the pandemic to change the way we live, to get us used to draconic laws, get us used to a cashless society, piece by piece, read up on Klaus Schwab and the WEF, using this "Pandemic" to change the world.. have a look at who goes to Davos every year. One question for you, who has profited from Corona virus?
  8. Fuck me are you as dopey as you make out or are you deliberately being obtuse? There's no pandemic, deaths per 1000 in 2020 are similar or lower to the deaths per 1000 in every year since 1990, more people are dying from lack of treatment for cancer and other life threatening conditions than anyone from Corona virus, some people will also commit suicide when they lose everything because of the lockdowns. The figures regarding the positive cases have been misreported, many deaths have been put down as a covid death that have actually been down to underlying issues and the death rate is slightly higher than normal because people aren't being treated.
  9. https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/deathsintheukfrom1990to2020 What pandemics did we have in the years when the deaths per 1000 were higher than 2020?
  10. No but you need to look at the ONS figures for the last 30 years and tell me where the fucking pandemics were in previous years... Twat
  11. He had better start rowing back then, if he puts a bit of effort in he might be home in time for Ramadan.
  12. I work with some of the most blinkered people you could possibly meet, they've swallowed the convid bullshit hook line and sinker, so much so they're shitting themselves over it, trying to explain what's happening is impossible, I've given them links to websites and videos, but the sheep won't even bother to have a look, they regard anyone with opposing views to theirs conspiracy theorists, the deluded cunts are in for a shock.. I would love my own island, I wouldn't have to put up with this NWO great reset rehashed commie bollocks and sheeple.
  13. The sneaky little bastard probably only came out so he could share a dressing room with that vacunt bint Holly Willoughby in order to get a good look at her knockers.. There's a special seat on my plane of death for that arsefaced little shitehawk.
  14. You have a valid point there KB.. I'd rather eat my own shit (I often have to fight down an involuntary vomit after I've had a good clear out) than eat the swill they serve up.
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