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  1. No, I am aware of the things he achieved and I get it, this is why I asked so no offence meant, and yes not just the establishment, but the the mainstream around the world have victimised him for his "Dreadfully Nationalist Tendencies" I just think he is dishonest like every other politician. Politicians lie, there is always more than one agenda. All of them end up being Cunts, even if they start out with good intentions.
  2. I agree totally I wouldn't have voted for either of the others.
  3. This makes me want to start a new thread on Trump but I bet it's already been done You were a fan I take it, can I ask why ? I am not saying that I would have voted for Biden or even Hillary four years ago, in fact compared to either he was an obvious choice but he still gargles the jism of the elite by the pint. (in my humble and cuntish opinion)
  4. I didn't know they put LOL Doll's in Toy Story
  5. FFS !! It's a continuous stream of societal PC barf !! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56200811
  6. It's a great use of tax payers money !! we should dress them all like it !!
  7. Seriously, what the absolute fuck is this??
  8. Seriously, what the absolute fuck is this??
  9. There is no problem with historic slavery other than "it happened" (to whites as well as blacks). It doesn't make any difference now. If Sheila Jackson Lee want's to deal with modern day slavery, FINE !! But she doesn't she just wants a victim status pay out for a bunch of people who have never been slaves in their lives. The whole contention is utter bollox. Plus, the woman looks like she could eat an apple through a letterbox.
  10. The whole Idea that Americans choose their president is fucking hilarious anyway. Trump was a complete knob and Biden is a senile old cunt. The funniest thing of all is that all the Q-anon-tards are still waiting for Trump to "come back and rescue them" Just like the plan say's he will !! Trust the plan morons and in the meantime the current administration will be bombing the fuck out of various Middle Eastern countries while Biden is distracted by sniffing various little girls hair.
  11. LOL No need for grooming ladies, I am already a fully fledged cunt. Though, as yet, I hold no rank among your worthy legions, I can settle this.... Bring me this Harold The Stupid and I shall prove my eminent cuntsmanship.
  12. Yep and throughout history a large percentage of slaves have been white. The word Slave derives from the word Slav (as in Slavic Nations) I will have a look for your other post sounds like a great nominee thanks !!
  13. Not to mention the fact that the British spent 100 years abolishing slavery within its Empire around the world, using the Royal Navy to police Imperial waters even during the Napoleonic Wars. We then were hoodwinked into compensating the slave traders and owners for loss of earnings and loss of "merchandise". We borrowed the money to make that compensation at such exorbitant interest rates form the Banks, that Britain only finished paying off that debt in 2016 !! I should also add that it was the blacks fellow countrymen and rival tribes that sold them out to the traders in the first place for personal gain. So I suggest they look to the North African countries when it comes to any kind of compensation/reparation Cunts!
  14. "Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is spearheading the effort to get H.R. 40 passed. If the resolution gets signed it would form a commission to study reparations for slavery" Massive gaping Cunt ! Why do BLM-tards and their US government advocates feel the need to get reparations for slavery. A practice that effects nobody of any measurable worth in modern day USA ? and exactly who are they intending to get to foot the bill for these spurious payments ??? This has SCAM written all over it and Sheila Cunting Jackson Lee is prepared to 'spearhead' this unnecessary pursuit.
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