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  1. Why would you have the impression that im impeard eric?
  2. Almost forgot about this ignorant fat cunt aswell, fight me you double chinned putrid horrible little man! ill take you far out of your fucking lard eating comfort zone!
  3. Dawn, your clearly living cheque to cheque you stupid hoe, try winding your neck in, might serve you you well. I bet i have grafted more in my 33 years than you have had cock. And that goober cunt did not even make a comment worth replying to the scrub cunt.
  4. And just who the fuck are you? This "newbie" has played the "CUNT" in real life more times than you've scratched your horrible smelly little ballsack. Stupid fucking minor league cunt!
  5. I'd definitely come along to throw some more petrol over the cunt too.
  6. Why not roll up to a traveller's site and tell them what you think? Double dare ya! 😈
  7. I suppose he surely can't do it much longer, the cunt's older than a vintage scammel!
  8. With you on this, the ones that really make me cringe are- "all singing all dancing" "hostest with the mostest" just to name the first couple of idiotic cunts-head type "sayings"......fucking stupid.
  9. Well since im obviously replying to the thickest slowest cunt ever to be born from the human seed you complete and utter fucking imbocile! You would know that you would have to predict within 7 years, fucking special sort of cunt goober is!
  10. Noted. But have just given me an idea. So we can ensure safe social distancing on here, from now on anybody that does become infected with slitty eyed cunt virus has to post their comments backwards. Just so we can get a little head count on if anyone has caught this phantom virus virus that nobody i know has.
  11. No, i need to flood the place from the south, perhaps just slow down the melting process once we have got past and flooded all the cunts in Westminster.
  12. Devon will be one of the first places to be swallowed up by the ocean along with crumby cornwall and all the cunts in it when the ice-caps melt, has anyone got a big fucking magnifying glass to dangle over the Antarctic so we can speed this process up please?
  13. Yeah Goober was trying to make out the we should all be able to predict our own death, not sure if he meant down to the minute or just what general decade it might possibly happen. He failed to elaborate on this common ability we all possess.
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