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  1. I did a nom about this yesterday but it's been deleted for some reason.
  2. He's hardly likely to reply after almost 7 years. You fucking retard.
  3. No doubt you've fucked her in the morgue you depraved cunt.
  4. Hmmm, Ol' Cocky's IP spidey-sense has you down as the Harold bod. You've both yet to be logged in at the same time 😉
  5. It'll be interesting to see how many allegations on this site actually end up before the courts.
  6. Were you molested at school then? You should go on the website and reminisce. I'm sure the puntership on there would be thrilled to hear you blub about the arse-fucking and massive bukkake you got from your bi-curious school chums. You fucking poof.
  7. Ol' Cocky knows everything; sometimes it's a curse more than a blessing.
  8. True, but they are a bit more rapey than most; at the very least there should be a sub-forum dedicated to their 'exploits' Hmmm.... It could be called 'Mohammeds Muslim Molesters - from Mecca to Medina'. That has a bit of a ring to it all right.
  9. I suspect he is still at school, I've noticed he only comes on here in the evening and he's clearly not mature enough to hold down a job. Whoever's his teacher deserves the fucking George Cross.
  10. I'll take that as a yes. So, let's see; I don't believe you're a teacher so you must still be a pupil. What year are you in?
  11. Do I take it, from your post, that you either work in a state school or are a pupil at a state school?
  12. This is a website where former school kids moan about being nonced-up by thier former classmates. It's already lead to several schools being picketed by the 'me-too' nose-ring lesbo crowd, and no doubt the founder is hoping to jump on the growing victim industry bandwagon. https://www.everyonesinvited.uk/ Now, here's the issue for me - some intrepid poon-hound goes to a drunken school party, gets stinky fingers and a shitty thumb for his troubles, and 20 odd years down the line the fingered one decides it's suddenly rape. Said fingered one then decides to name and shame on this
  13. I wonder if Harold is black? That would explain a lot about his intellect and command of the English language. I can certainly picture him hanging around Chicken Cottage all day with his low-slung trousers exposing his arse.
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