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  1. I hear that's going to be the main plot device for the BBC's upcoming 'Pride and Prejudice' remake. "Sup, Mr Darcy fam, you gonna smoke all that weed blud 'fore you go ta da McDonald toilets an' rape that frigid bitch."
  2. It's quite something with modern birds isn't it; all that craving for sambo meat, followed by whining about their single parent struggles. It's almost as if it's a surprise to them that their suitor fucks off through the window as soon as the noir muck gets fired up the snatch.
  3. Is that what actually happened, I thought a jealous ex paid a buck-toothed somalian cunt to chuck the acid at her.
  4. Sounds nice on the women though, right?
  5. As I was leaving the cooler I could have sworn I heard a northern accent droning on about golf clubs, followed by blood curdling screaming and a final quivering 'thank you Purple Aki'. But I could have been mistaken.
  6. Never mind 'likes', cooler time should be what counts towards 'community reputation' here. I've been reading some of the more entertaining banter/arguments on old threads and it nearly always results in a coolering for the participants.
  7. I'll soon have spent more time in the cooler than out at this rate.
  8. It is DC but I won't say any more as I don't want to be responsible for the inevitable rampage at the Notting Hill branch of Chicken Cottage which would follow. Cocky Cunt Features did have a bit of a ring to it all right, he might return soon.
  9. No denial then? I think we'd better leave it there before I post something really embarrassing for you. On a related note Raas, you should really calm down a bit. Signal to your handlers at ZSL Regent's Park and I'm sure they'll hose you down/wank you off. You'll feel so much better, I promise. Peace out my blud.
  10. Am I? Well, I don't really relish doxxing somebody, even a completely humourless simpleton like yourself. Lets just say the evidence is Black and White, shall we?
  11. We both know that's bollocks Raasclaat. Luckily for you I'm not the doxxing type.
  12. You could always fuck-off back to Isacunt.com, where you can continue to entertain the puntership with your encyclopedic knowledge of motor racing and fascinating tails of tounging ladies arseholes. Little tip for you raas - if you're going to go to the trouble of inventing a different persona, don't spew out the same self-doxxing bollocks on both sites. You embarrassingly stupid cunt.
  13. Raas is a bit chippy because I attempted a bit of acerbic wit with him on one of his noms the other week, which resulted in a shit-flinging hissy fit on his part which got both of us coolered. And geography clearly isn't his strong point either.
  14. I had no idea you were so thin-skinned. Now that I do know however, I reckon I can induce a nuclear level meltdown from you in well under a fortnight. I mean, let's face it, I can't imagine an obese, middle-aged, sexually frustrated, bedsit-dwelling ......... with the IQ of a downs-syndrome toddler to be too difficult to trigger. D'ya naw wha I'm a sayin blud?
  15. Oh dear, are you still sulking from our little exchange of ideas the other week?
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