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  1. If I may interject, Mrs Roops, being a newbie and all, I’ve been snooping around this site for a little while and I remember you saying not so long ago that you were politically right of centre. If this is so, I feel sure you would have a modicum of sympathy with Eric. The difference between the two of you, as I see it, is that whereas he has just about had a gutful of this woke shite, you seem to be taking it a bit more in your stride – perhaps that’s the objective of the moderator – however, with the state of current affairs I feel it somewhat unfair of you to call him an uninformed bigot. I
  2. But for Christ's sake don't take the knee.
  3. I can’t abide a French accent, it grates on my already frayed nerves more so than those scouser arsewipes. Coupled with congenital ignorance and eating anything that shits I’d sooner listen to Max Boyce on helium.
  4. You're not exactly a barrel of laughs yourself from what I can see of it.
  5. Would that be face up or face down? Pleased to meet you, Frank Kleftiko.
  6. You sound like an old school ma'am. Do you have a red pen as well?
  7. I have an old clock on my mantlepiece, it's a Smiths of Enfield. It's a family heirloom and has only lost one minute since last Sunday, what do you think of that? I sit and watch it at times whilst my life passes by. You've got all that to look forward to, Raasclaat, old chap.
  8. This is becoming more common with each passing year. It was 0 degrees Kelvin yesterday morning – cold enough to make me wear a hat - and I counted four of these daft-sod hard men wandering around like it’s August in Benidorm, two sporting t-shirts. Is it an inability to grow up? Does preadolescent peer pressure control the actions of these sad bastards at this age of their bizarre lives? Perhaps if it froze their knackers off it might prevent them adding anymore to the gene pool. One lives in hope.
  9. No, but I know of a few with who I can put you in touch if that's your particular bent.
  10. I thought I would dip my toe to test the warmth and it's icy cold. You're all a bunch of bastards. Good evening.
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