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  1. The police should be given dispensation to kneel on these cunts' necks until they turn black. Except for any who might already be black to start with, who can just be set on fire.
  2. Yep. Jeremy Corbyn; Dianne Abbott; Jess Phillips; "Sir" Keir Starmer. Your boys (and gender fluid others) continue to take a hell of a beating. Don't get me started on the Liberal Democrats.
  3. Indeed. And what a sad indictment of Her Majesty's opposition that they struggle to lay a glove on the worst set of fucking chancers ever to sully the government benches.
  4. Danny Baker is the most awful fucking cunt, but that was funny - as much for the outrage it caused as for the picture itself, which was almost worthy of inclusion in one of the old ratcum galleries. (It just needed a speech bubble coming from the chimp saying, "Cunts!")
  5. Please send dingoes immediately.
  6. Just wait until we start air-dropping dusky refugees picked up from the English Channel back onto the Champs-Élysées. With or without parachutes, it's all the same to me, and bonus points if we can land some on Charlie Hebdo's roof.
  7. And the French toys emerge from the pram... France recalls its US and Australian Ambassadors
  8. He's not normally interested in their feet...
  9. I made a stack of money from Chinese tech stocks last year on the Covid rebound, but ditched the lot this spring when the first signs of state interference became evident. Just as fucking well, as it turns out. I don't think I'm quite ready to invest in India just yet, though.
  10. I'm disappointed with not spotting the old "Partick Thistle Nil" angle myself. You could say I've missed an open goal there.
  11. On matters green, @camberwell gypsy, @Jiggerycock, what the actual fuck is going on with your perpetually under-achieving Yids these days? Sky and Tottenham partner for world's first major net zero carbon football game
  12. It makes me sad to see how far the standard of policing in this country has fallen since the joyous brutality employed during the miners' strike. In those days the miners fought back, but I reckon you'd only have to split a couple of these snowflake cunts' skulls wide open before the rest of them got the message and took off as fast as their pipe-cleaner vegan legs could carry them.
  13. There must be some ISIS cunts still knocking about who'd be only too happy to recreate the Bastille Day attacks. Just doctor a few of the protesters' posters with an image of Muhammad wanking off a pig, buy some popcorn, and sit back and wait for the show.
  14. I’d like to revise my earlier opinion after a near-solid week of constant media fawning over Raducanu. She’s a pigshit-thick, okay yah, insufferable fucking cunt, and I hope she never wins anything again. Her dropping dead tomorrow would be an excellent first step on that front.
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