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  1. It's today! Ironically there's been almost no publicity for it because the George Floyd shenanigans dominated the BBC news to such an extent they didn't have time for any home grown racist murders. Stephen Lawrence Day 22nd April
  2. We really ought to leave this collection of swarthy dagoes and Aryan has-beens - maybe have some kind of "exit" from Europe? No chance of that ever getting voted for in a referendum, though.
  3. He had his chance. Any fucking excuse to re-post this all-time classic...
  4. Went down considerably in my opinion when he impregnated Scary Spice.
  5. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
  6. Needed a "titty-fucking" in there, to truly do the sentiment justice.
  7. Things you wish you'd never seen #213...
  8. I always thought Miranda Hart represented the absolute nadir of funniness, the perfect comedy vacuum. Then I saw Romesh Ranganathan.
  9. And where's OUR fucking compensation, eh?
  10. Reported for doxxing, because Frank really IS Limahl.
  11. He gave me 50% of my warning points - which never expire!
  12. I am absolutely fucking heartbroken at this outcome. If ever a city deserved to go up in flames, it's Minneapolis.
  13. That's some seriously impressive anal sphincter control.
  14. Just giving this a quick "like" in case it subsequently disappears.
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