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  1. A very fair point, you cunt.
  2. Flinty and Cat have both been back a couple of times, but not recently as far as I'm aware. (Or are they? 😉) Cat was "MyLittlePoohKnee" a fair while back, and Flinty was last seen as "Cobra".
  3. If he laughs at her mule it won't end well for him at all.
  4. After a heated exchange on the below thread in October 2012, quite unrelated to the original topic (derailing threads is nothing new), an irate Judge sent Frank his mobile phone number. Hilarity ensued.
  5. I hope they're both dead within a week. Fat cunts don't deserve happiness.
  6. Could be worse, he could be the little drummer girl.
  7. He might beat that new black one, who doesn't look that fucking hard to me.
  8. To be fair (which burns me, as I fucking hate the BBC) they don't actually mention colour at any point, they've just printed a picture of the victim. Actual quote: "He had an infectious laugh that lit up the room whenever he was in it."
  9. Pretty much the same reason I gave up on pub quizzes - there's no fun in it when every other cunt's using the internet.
  10. The existing "S" must by definition already be on a triple word square, so it would still only be 3 x word score in that scenario. It's still possible using a different existing intermediate letter instead, though. The highest ever Scrabble score is 850, but I'm sad to report it wasn't me. Mrs Baws won't play Scrabble with me because she says I take too long, although I suspect the real reason is that the cunt is just sick and tired of losing.
  11. Fucking hell, have I fallen through some trans-dimensional rift in space time to a parallel dimension where Americans are no longer allowed to hunt these cunts with semi-automatic weapons?
  12. That's exactly what Mrs Baws said the first time I made it for her. Several decades later, and the recipe has been enhanced with a new secret ingredient, to wit "Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero", the God Emperor of sauces.
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