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  1. See if Schlitzie summons @Rev from the shadows...
  2. Jesus titty-fucking Christ, next it'll be videos of little finger puppets, talking like the mice out of fucking Bagpuss! On a mostly-unrelated note, if you tell us exactly where you are we can draw a circle with a radius of 211.3 miles and pop in to visit Mrs Roops.
  3. I don't mean this in the pejorative sense, but you're an absolute fucking psycho.
  4. You can't beat a bit of Lecter. Churchill's supposed quote was "The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists." Reagan said, ""If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism." As the old saw has it, close enough for Government work.
  5. Nicholas Young, the original John, but playing a different character.
  6. It even had a gyppo character in it, young Tyso. Did the see the relatively recent American re-boot? It was mercifully abandoned after one series.
  7. On a semi-related note, Olbers' Paradox is my favourite.
  8. As soon as Warren Buffet added some airline stocks to his portfolio the writing was on the wall. Stupid principle-abandoning Omaha cunt.
  9. A very fair point, you cunt.
  10. Flinty and Cat have both been back a couple of times, but not recently as far as I'm aware. (Or are they? 😉) Cat was "MyLittlePoohKnee" a fair while back, and Flinty was last seen as "Cobra".
  11. If he laughs at her mule it won't end well for him at all.
  12. After a heated exchange on the below thread in October 2012, quite unrelated to the original topic (derailing threads is nothing new), an irate Judge sent Frank his mobile phone number. Hilarity ensued.
  13. I hope they're both dead within a week. Fat cunts don't deserve happiness.
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