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  1. If I was Frank, I'd post this without crediting @Decimus and I must confess that the thought did cross my mind.
  2. Having said that, he did send me a couple of poetic tributes to our old Yank chum, Salty Piss Flaps, which I can share now that he's no longer a member. The second one in particular hinted at the depravity to come and, to its credit, was significantly better composed than that awful "Welcome to Tottenham" shite we were critiquing earlier. The boy stood on the burning deck As if life couldn’t get horrider. But it could if he knew a paedophile Living in fucking Florida! Mary had a tiny cunt. At 13 , never clammy. Until she spent the afternoon 2 hours from Miami.
  3. Most of the really sick stuff was via PMs, but I never got any of them despite my best attempts to procure some evidence. He did express a strange liking for my avatar, though, and - for some reason - this video.
  4. Cuntybaws

    Alex Scott

    I'll set them up, you knock them down.
  5. Cuntybaws

    Alex Scott

    Hover over the avatar, then click the "Ignore" option.
  6. Cuntybaws

    Alex Scott

    Not Dustin Diamond, who ironically did die a painful death? I suppose he had too much hair...
  7. Cuntybaws

    Alex Scott

    Called me a fuckwit earlier too, for liking the original post. I'd apply a block myself, but the sadistic psychoanalyst in me won't permit it.
  8. She's "accidentally" been calling herself Hilaria for years, despite being christened Hillary Hayward-Thomas. Her parents look like the fucking Pewterschmidts from Family Guy.
  9. What's got eight feet and ten shoes? The McCann family.
  10. I presume you're the sort of person who would refuse to play the Maddie McCann card in "Cards Against Humanity"? Is it too soon to mention the Lindbergh baby?
  11. I've been through East Kilbride a few times, and that particular testament to the town planners' art makes Newcastle look like Kew fucking Gardens.
  12. That's one massive fucking chip for a 17-year old shoulder. I bet he didn't get that from KFC. Also without comment, here are some selected lines from the (in my opinion) very poorly constructed poem: Where we ride around on stolen scooters, I still listen to the voicemails of my dead peers in my phone, We fight over streets we don’t own, Knife crimes on the rise because the beef can’t be left alone. Why do they claim they’re not racist but label the violence here black?
  13. I'm fairly sure that scruffy Polack cunt Tomasz Schafernaker is a raging arse bandit as well.
  14. Are you sure you weren't watching Glee?
  15. Your ground's a soulless fucking concrete shit hole too. I went to a game there once and got stuck in with the visiting fans in a corner up the back. I swear the cunts on the International Space Station had a better view than I did.
  16. Mrs Baws and two of the kids have had it. Minor sniffles for a day, then fine. If I've had it I was completely symptom free, but I don't get things generally. I don't remember ever having a cold, let alone the flu - I'm like the Bruce Willis character in "Unbreakable".
  17. Well, that’s cruel. I thought you’d appreciate a cream tea and some civilised discourse, even if it was just a pretext for cloning your phone and your bank cards. I’m doubly disappointed now that the incendiary device I left in your bin failed to go off.
  18. Have you ever watched "The Umbrella Academy"?
  19. It's Pen, you soft cunt. The sixty-odd posts made since the weekend should have been all the clue you needed.
  20. Everybody remembers what they were doing when the twin towers fell. I'm not sure what my point is here.
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