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  1. Oh look. It's rk. The lower case is on purpose and it knows it.
  2. Nope. This site has reeked of shite for years. I'm here to stir it up.
  3. You've been haunting this site for years and have about 6 noms.
  4. I'm here. You lazy nasty cunts have been useless. Strap yourselves in.
  5. Well, well well. The websites lazy, bedridden, fox bothering, faux female nom avoiding cunt.
  6. I licked the UN quote for....fuck off
  7. To use the Dutch House of Orange and forced Throne shite is a bit drugggy...
  8. This is the moment your bullshit and bravado bites you.
  9. King Billy. The norn iron wanker and Facebook tosser.....
  10. I'm not INCEL but there's truth in what they say. Women are always comfortable in a home that they want to impress to their mothers....
  11. The "gutters" after sex on a wicker based bed is...after a while fucking horrendous.
  12. I needed a single bed and mattress for a spare room in my new house. Amazon and every online retailer had beds and mattresses all made in China. Chinese people sleep on bamboo mats in paper walled homes. Why the obsession with foam mattresses in the UK?
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