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  1. He is a being of unimaginable evil, placed here by pan-dimensional beings beyond our comprehension who are calling time on the human race. He exists solely to extinguish the dieing light of the beleaguered male sex. His smug vacuous omnipresent profile grins forth from every screen in the world, murdering intelligence, vitality, testosterone and resistance in one feel swoop of inanity, giggling, non - gendered self - righteousness, fag-hag gossip groupie woman-pleasing blandness, new-elite worshiping sycophancy, hierarchically driven media arse-bumming and outrageous greed. He is an absence of humanity, an insult to the natural order, an affront to honourable masculinity and a cunt. If every nerve in his body were drawn forth and scoured with coarse sandpaper, the music of his screams would not drown out the horror his career had inflicted on the collective human psyche.
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