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  1. I despise the BBC and it’s woke agenda…..I remember hearing about the BBC making the drama about the Rochdale grooming scandal and thinking wow I’m shocked that the BBC (who normally pander to minorities and certain religions) are making that. then when I could finally bring myself to watch it without putting my foot through the screen or vomiting, I realised why the BBC made it…….they actually tried to make it look like the girls were willing participants in their abuse. crafty old BBC, aunty must be spinning in her grave at what’s it become
  2. Who is Mitch, interesting photos in your gallery preview 🤣
  3. Thanks…..you seem like a grade 1 helmet who thinks it’s necessary to put your name in capitals at the bottom of every post even though your username is displayed above every post. It’s not annoying at all, honestly.
  4. Maximus


    Wait until Meridius joins us
  5. Maximus


    Well this was a conversation stopper! Do you all work in Apple stores or are you in awe of the gods?
  6. Well I’ve received an email! I thought this was no holds barred, verbal fight club but apparently not. My mistake and apologies to the recipient of my site-illegal abuse (it was, like everything on here, just a joke) Only been here 48 hours and I’m already on my final warning. I’m not sure I could be any more proud than I am now
  7. What the fuck occurred here like? Did I go viral?
  8. Too right, it’s also not a Quentin Tarantino movie set!
  9. I’ve only been a member for 24 hours and already, I hate you all more than I hate Alan Carr* (supreme cunt) *The unfunny, making jokes about bumming “comedian” Allan Carr, not the dead as fuck ‘stop smoking’ Allan Carr Fuck you all.
  10. You stupid cunt. I’m brand new here, I swear Mr. hercule cuntrot
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