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  1. I was very offended by the revelation that you came across a dead man. I thought that type of behaviour was the forte of 1970's BBC presenters.
  2. Fuck, that is tinfoil hattery! You'll be saying David Kelly's death was suspicious next. As we all know, educated, well balanced, happily married family men often inexplicability slash their wrists in woods all the time after revealing government lies and cover-ups.
  3. Are you Michael Carroll reliving his glory days on here?
  4. You got it already? Fuck, they haven't even started on the over 80's round my way. Any side-effects?
  5. Gives a hole (geddit!) new meaning to short sharp prick from a tiny little needle. Maybe all the poofs are developing tertiary AIDS and the symptoms are being confused with COVID. Something for Insp. Whitty to look into?
  6. Surely a half-effective vaccine will reduce the risk significantly of catching covid in the first place. Not by 100% obviously, there's still some risk for the vaccinated, but that isn't what the so-called statistics are reflecting, the country appears to still be riddled with this virus.
  7. A lot of those do-rag wearing 'homies' likely are raving fucking benders. Taking it up the black starfish. The cunts.
  8. Strange isn't it? In the UK, nearly every cunt has supposedly been doubled jabbed, yet covid rates are still sky high (and a lot higher that they were this time last year when nobody was vaccinated). Either the vaccines are as much use as a chocolate teapot or somebody's cooking the statistics books.
  9. Jaywick would be the perfect place for Harvey to be mayor. Imagine his acceptance speech - a load of incomprehensible spastic talk, swiftly followed by a waterfall of dribble, dropping his kecks and taking a dump in front of the town hall, before staggering back to his dear mammas pink range rover to fist her arsehole into next week like a sex-crazed human mudslide. He'd still be the most intelligent person in town though.
  10. Apparently Southend is going to be a city in honour of the man. Fair enough I suppose. Here's another thought, how about interning every single fucking mudslime on the watchlist, or better yet, send them to Syria so Assad can play Operation without the annoying buzzer. Fucking sky fairy worshiping sub-primates.
  11. Paulie

    Brown Sugar

    Are you on here? Go on, be honest. https://www.comedogging.com/
  12. @Dyslexic cnut, option 4, option 4. If you don't, I will. Save your beloved Paulie from himself.
  13. I'm hoping for a heart-warming tale of a significant other hollowing out a biro and lovingly blowing some prime chop up his arse, the sort of thing which would endear him to the membership of this august site. I hope the Peg takes on board the advice proffered.
  14. You meant the terrorists that definitely exist according to all of the MSM but never do anything? I wouldn't hold your breath.
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