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  1. It doesn't seem real that just a few months ago we were playing test cricket in South Africa,
  2. Yes: I wish I'd stayed in Australia I miss my tradesmen days I met so many cunts in 2009 I love The Beatles Comparing any woman to the woman I really want is like comparing Rolf Harris to Rembrandt
  3. He's playing with fire if he thinks the lockdown can be descaled before the end of May, keep it in place.
  4. If they are so sure we can end the lockdown and things can resume, whats the point getting tested? Another 674 people today have perished and that idiot says we are passed the peak, don't think so.
  5. Why Australia ever played him is beyond me, well and truly past it.
  6. A drawn Ashes series is a shared Ashes series, we have the Ashes back 50%. How the hell we ever won 2 tests but it shows they are no better than us and Stokes innings at Headingly is better than anything Australia did at Edgbaston and Old Trafford a billion times over. Ashes shared.
  7. Sounds about right, Labuschagne is like T-1000 I agree
  8. No team is better than the other and if we do win this test than the Ashes should be shared
  9. All too late now but if England were to win, it means we havnt actually lost the Ashes outright and wouldn't have lost a test series at home since 2014.
  10. I wouldnt say Tim Paine is any better but he has players that turn up to compete and win.
  11. Once again the inevitable collapse and relying on the lower order to restore some pride, be nice to win this one as Australia wouldn't have won the Ashes outright or fair and square but cant see it somehow.
  12. They have more chance of winning it than England do.
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