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  1. As if undebated lockdown isn't good enough in terms of State over-reach, the cunts at the Gambling Commission are discussing the possibility of introducing checks to counter what they see as problem gambling. This could mean a monthly net loss of as little as £100 might prompt an intervention, meaning a customer having to prove they could afford to lose more before being able to place another bet. Like Brexit again, pandering to a minority - this time the .5% of punters who have a gambling problem - by punishing the 99.5% who don't. ......and if this doesn't affect you, I bet
  2. Do you think him and Putin get on the blower late at night and go "We'll crack on with taking over Africa - promise the West we'll sort out Boko Haram and that'll ensure they roll over and get their tummies tickled. You get the tanks rolling through Eastern Europe - they're so fucking tired of their politicians and their decadent bullshit, my guess is you can set up a Tractor Factory in Buckingham Palace and a Vodka Distillery in Fortnums by mid-March. The Yanks'll all implode soon and no one really gives a fuck about Asia - catch you on Zoom for front-row-seats and popcorn when we nuke the fu
  3. To be fair, as the instigater of this particular thread derailment, the OP was so niche even Neil would have hard a hard job fucking it.
  4. It's the small things sometimes, isn't it?
  5. Now here's a great cul-de-sac for our little sewing circle to explore! 'Little known cunts from history' The ref who missed Pedro Mendes 'goal' for us against Man Utd Andre Nel Erich Hoeneker Engin Raghip Have at it you crazy bastards!!
  6. Could you tread in some dogshit and raise your IQ by 50 points?
  7. Okay - but I fail to see how thousands of images of overweigh slobs tapping out ill-informed Twitter messages with their foetid Dorito-stained fingers is going to bolster your argument? {puzzled, quite frankly}
  8. Never quite sure, only there was a bloke called Benton used to work for us and we (in our 'you don't have to be mad to work here - but it helps', Colin Hunt-invoking wackiness) used to scream 'Jesus Christ Benton!!' when it got a bit quiet or tedious (.........so only the 12 times a day)
  9. Looks like you'll have to get used to it, now COVID is tearing through your country like Jonah Lomu through a Tony Underwood tackle Still never mind. You've got the EU's vaccination procurement programme to protect you. What is it? About .5% of the poulation vaccinated and only 40,000 doses actually received!
  10. Benton!! Oh Jesus Christ! BENTON!!!!
  11. At least Jeff Wode only wanted to toss his orb about - not slaughter innocent civillians. Look at him! Look at RXG!!
  12. I have been genuinely confused by the Lib Dems stance post Brexit vote. They supported the idea of a vote and said they would respect the result. When it didn't go their way, they backtracked and then their leader said she would not respect a further vote if it went against their position. This to me is the very antithesis of ' Democratic'. To me, the Lib Dems have morphed into a neither democratic nor liberal party. They now lean to authoritarian policies and prefer this country to be controlled via the 'wise decisions' of the EU unelected technocrats than the demos of th
  13. We Built Chris Whitty on Rock n Roll!
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