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  1. Saw the post header and thought wtf is a lawn mower review doing on here
  2. Smoke and mirrors , old boys network and brown envelopes .. just a matter of scale
  3. More than likely straight under the carpet as per usual. Although not before the Johnson cuntfest can organise another timely distraction news story preferably involving the queenie & phil show or greedy money grabbing nurses
  4. So Phil the Greek has a touch of the shits a couple of weeks back , gets taken to hospital where its confirmed that it's nothing that a clean pair of y fronts won't sort out and that his arsehole hasn't in fact imploded. Spends a week dossing in bed , no doubt complaining about the brown skin types attending to his every need only to be then moved from the local riff raff hospital to the top of Barts cardiothoracic surgery waiting list for a bit of plumbing work. Say what you like but these Windsor fuckers are willing to go to some lengths to outshine this months Daily Mail (c) Enemies of the
  5. The yanks with their Hiram J Lester Ratsenburgerville the second , third etc .... the thinking must be "Well yeah, for sure buddy, it's a shithouse of a name to begin with, but if it was good enough for my daddy and his daddy before why don't we saddle the new born kid with it one more time."
  6. Reports that the reclusive , publicity shunning something or other Amanda - my shit don't stink- Holden is 'devastated' [hun] at breaking covid travel guidance by undertaking a few hundred mile round trip to visit her parents . She naturally arranged a pre travel photo op [glass of bubbly , yummy mummy pose] as preparation to endure the trauma of the journey on - surprise surprise - her birthday. Yes , ok - a trivial fuck all story in the grand scheme of things but it's utter self entitled cunts like her who never fail to shamelessly milk any and every opportunity to self promote that m
  7. ... which is the very prospect that has had the Republicans shitting themselves since last November , lol
  8. Maybe H is posting ironically on here in the spirit of " You don't have to be mad to work here but .."
  9. For sheer cuntery it's hard to beat the jolly japes of the bingo and lottery TV ads with sets and colour schemes aimed squarely at the ladies and empty heads who fall for the make believe land of shiny happy people in glittery garden get togethers, pink unicorns and prancing about in the street gurning uncontrollably when the big oversized cheque is handed over to you by a toothsome twat pretty boy or marginally fuckable mumsy type who wouldn't normally venture within a mile of you or your grotty little street . All this can be yours when you are part of the deleriously happy as fuck bingo
  10. Although this shower of shit excuse for a government is run entirely by Eton - Oxford posh boys with the odd token darkie, northerner or pick and mix minority thrown in I still hear everything any of them say in Arther Daleys voice.
  11. The youngest person convicted of terrorism in Britain - who plotted to murder police officers in Australia on Anzac Day aged 14 - can be freed from jail, the Parole Board has ruled.The 20-year-old, from Blackburn, who can only be identified as RXG, sent encrypted messages to an Australian jihadist to launch attacks in 2015.He was jailed for life that year after admitting inciting terrorism overseas. But the Parole Board now says it is "satisfied" he is suitable for release. They obviously decided as the phsycopathic cunt spent the last 5 years learning crocheting , perfecting his ballro
  12. The deranged cunts brood of cunt kids will have already formed queue in preparation for 2024 . My money is on the pug faced, my shit don't stink bimbo, as soon as she's rinsed poppas knob cheese from her gob.
  13. Somewhere a media arsewipe will at this moment be tasked with digging some/any dirt on Captain Tom , Rashford , NHS employee or any other of their flavour of the month 'heroes'
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