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  1. The cheeky cunt who decided they could use Link Wrays Rumble riff for a frigging insurance ad . Boils my piss every time.
  2. A gash like the Sainsburys deli counter pastrami slices tray .. but stinks far worse
  3. Basically the types would eagerly tune in to the proposed "Watch slebs having a shit"
  4. mmm .. marvellous .. jumpers for goalposts
  5. They could always do something useful .. run for President maybe .. I mean , how hard can that be ?
  6. Civil war or Armageddon .. make no difference to them. It's simply a case of " there you go muthafucker .. I've made my point .. so suck it up"
  7. ... and the dicksplashes who ponce around in the Nissan or Izuzu pickup thinking they look like some jack the lad geezer when the Tesco weekly shop or Argos trampoline are the most edgy thing ever carried on that deck and the nearest it'll ever get to a grain of sand is Lytham foreshore.
  8. Will he be getting his swingometer out and will Ant and Dec be involved ?
  9. Musical Theatre .. what a load of wank .. but special mention to any and all the plagiarised shite by the Lloyd Webber twat .. there can 't be a single solitary composer living or dead that hasn't had his or her tunes lifted by the cunt to be given a good stir to be then presented as his latest masterpiece. Not to say many other usual suspects aren't guilty of the same but this fucker has turned it into an art form [pun intended]
  10. "Neighbours .. everybody needs good nei .. " . Iran - Iraq . India - Pakistan . North - South Korea . The North of Ireland - Ireland. No need for Canada to fuck the Yanks up when the populations dumbfuck redneck good ol' boys would gladly slaughter all them there damn smart arse yankees if/when the orange shitgibbon orders it.
  11. But who is going to do the manicures for brickies,oil-rig workers , dustmen or all those southern jessies ?
  12. When one such "tragedy " - lol - occurred locally , a plod mate tells of having to resist the urge to include in the incident report that never before had the deceased victims arse been in such close proximity to his face.
  13. Balloons and "tributes" .. at the spot where some half wit boy racer cunt - " he were a lovely lad e' was" - had a fatal coming together with a perfectly good tree or garden wall
  14. I'm a bit concerned at Mrs Kurtz's "ooh .. mmm " reaction Peter Patel !
  15. Jessica Rhianna Mogg looks like a right goer
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