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  1. Although this shower of shit excuse for a government is run entirely by Eton - Oxford posh boys with the odd token darkie, northerner or pick and mix minority thrown in I still hear everything any of them say in Arther Daleys voice.
  2. The youngest person convicted of terrorism in Britain - who plotted to murder police officers in Australia on Anzac Day aged 14 - can be freed from jail, the Parole Board has ruled.The 20-year-old, from Blackburn, who can only be identified as RXG, sent encrypted messages to an Australian jihadist to launch attacks in 2015.He was jailed for life that year after admitting inciting terrorism overseas. But the Parole Board now says it is "satisfied" he is suitable for release. They obviously decided as the phsycopathic cunt spent the last 5 years learning crocheting , perfecting his ballro
  3. The deranged cunts brood of cunt kids will have already formed queue in preparation for 2024 . My money is on the pug faced, my shit don't stink bimbo, as soon as she's rinsed poppas knob cheese from her gob.
  4. Somewhere a media arsewipe will at this moment be tasked with digging some/any dirt on Captain Tom , Rashford , NHS employee or any other of their flavour of the month 'heroes'
  5. All those sovereign states taking control over their own borders .. the cheeky fuckers. How very dare they. Who do they think they are .. Nigel fucking Farage ?
  6. Hair dryers and visi vests .. his years must have Christmas gift ideas chart toppers
  7. For services to smarmy sanctimonious arse licking I'll raise you Nicholas - 'live from Buckingham Place' - Witchell
  8. Jumpers for goalposts ... mmm
  9. We had an Engineering Materials Science and Metallurgy tutor at UMIST who never had the slightest problem equating the potential catastrophic long term effect of martensitic crystalline degradation with the Thatcher bitches disappointment on missing out on a noshing session with Reagan and having to make do with one up the shitter from Cecil Parkinson. All of which delivered in a non political sense of course but has shaped much of my world view ever since.
  10. The cheeky cunt who decided they could use Link Wrays Rumble riff for a frigging insurance ad . Boils my piss every time.
  11. A gash like the Sainsburys deli counter pastrami slices tray .. but stinks far worse
  12. Basically the types would eagerly tune in to the proposed "Watch slebs having a shit"
  13. mmm .. marvellous .. jumpers for goalposts
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