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  1. Say what you like about tories .. they don't fuck about when it comes to distraction news stories .
  2. colonelkurtz


    Has anyone ever seen a Talibanner smile ? All we ever get is scowling gun totin' flag shaggers . Lighten up you miserable fucks. You've got what you always wanted not to mention the best comeback tour of the century since Barry Manilows Vegas residency. A few pallet loads of Mrs Browns Boys and On the Buses VHS box sets with some Engelbert Humperdink compilation C90 cassettes thrown in would do the trick.
  3. A referral to the DILLIGAF desk always did it for me . Thankfully the regimental padre was never one to fuck around needlessly.
  4. There was me thinking this was a post about 'may contain nuts' package warnings .. it's obviously about something much more trivial
  5. Rob Brydon is often mistaken for Ben Miller who is often mistaken for Anton du Beke .. cunts one and all .. and one of them is often seen with Alexander Armstrong. All it needs is Laurence Fox , John .. I'm a scouser I am .. Bishop and Giles Brandreth for cuntery bingo
  6. The Rantzen bitch just about gets my vote .. with all her fucking childline this and childline that bollocks which is merely her idea of reparation for being cosy as fuck with 'the management' at the time when the you know what sea of shit was occurring at the BBC and she naturally was unaware of anything untoward.
  7. All the flak directed towards Robinson is well deserved , but forget the tattered minge and botoxed face to match .. if you really want to witness full on thrombosis inducing rage just shout out as you walk past her "Oi ! ... you SCOUSE cunt". Believe me , that really will seriously fuck her up something rotten.
  8. To the massed ranks of gormless cunts with their " Yes , but you might have ended up with Corbyn in charge" this definitely needs playing on a 24/7 loop. Irony .. don't you just fucking love it.
  9. The rescue from the mainstream UK 70's sea of shit. Ok yes , Bowie and early Roxy ... but Fleetwood fucking Mac and the Eagles ? ... give me a break and fuck right off
  10. ... by Andrew Lloyd Webber who has said he is determined to open his theatres on 21 June, even if he risks being arrested. “ We are going to open, come hell or high water," he told the Telegraph. Ooh ! .. Can't fecking wait to sing along to - " You'll never take me alive copper .. go on , just you try you slags .. I'll take all of you daahn .. I'm fuckin' nawty I am " all set to a jaunty but sensitive melody that always sounds familiar .. that's because the fucker has been winging it for years by nicking and pieceing together other composers stuff from Mahler to Motown for years . He will no doubt then be largeing it down the West End with a brand new new production starring fuck knows who and describes the torment of a luvvie free 18 months. So what if he was knobbing Sarah Brightman back in the day, the lucky bastard .. it's not as though I care .
  11. My antecedents were in the main from the Irish Republic via West Cumberland so I am quite content with being ashamed of Bono , Daniel O'Donnell and Sellafield .. though not necessarily in that order
  12. I for one am resigned to the fact that lying gobshites in charge surrounded by grubby chancers are now the new normal and regarded as mere PR tools
  13. Nice uniforms ... Shite haircuts
  14. What are the chances that the Ryanair O'Leary cunt will whack a flight surcharge on the passengers for the Belarus sightseeing option
  15. I've always thought it a pity he didn't marry the spunk bucket that is Amanda - my shit don't stink - Holden. Now that really would be cuntery bingo perfection.
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