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  1. I'm forever having to correct twats who don't know the difference between plus fours and plus twos.I wear plus twos for golf and shooting.They hang 2 inches over the knee. Plus fours are baggier and hang 4 inches over the knee. Plus fours are rarely worn these days and those who do look a bit like Edward VII.Who was a cunt.
  2. Out of touch, right honourable cunt.
  3. I once saw a film in which a weirwolf turned into Oliver Reed .. Oliver Reed was a Bell-End which means that he was also a CUNT!laugh
  4. Another star gazing old trout ... National Treasure not!bleh
  5. CCArchive


    Full of fucking frogs, all their fans are retards, the only english ground with a 60,000 disabled section, ALL CUNTS
  6. This colossal horror has to be the mother of all cunts. His ghastly playlist includes atrocities such as; We don't talk Wired for sound Mistletoe and wine Summer holiday I can't even mention some of the other banal shit for fear of infecting the memory of other human beings. This silly sod went out with Sue Barker and didn't even shag her. He lives with his "manager" now. What on earth is that supposed to mean? His knighthood is an utter disgrace and should be deleted along with Jaggers(junky) Elton Johns(junky and sod).
  7. CCArchive

    The Parky

    Trevor the Parky from when I was a lad has died has died. I have prepared an eulogy.
  8. Writing your thoughts on thinking about thinking, then getting others to think about it. Possibly the biggest load of pseudo-intellectual wank ever.
  9. Back in 1981, this cunt thought "OK, how do I carve out a career in comedy? I'm a lefty, so that's a good start; if I shout and swear a lot and say everything is crap, that should con enough right-on wankers into laughing. Rasputin's done the long hair thing, so I'll shave my bonce and be a crazy Russian wiv a stree' accent" And, talentless arsehole that he was, it worked. Now he's pretending to be a motoring journalist, by talking about himself and occasionally mentioning cars, and fuck me, the Telegraph have fallen for it. It's a travesty of justice that this cunt didn't drink himself to dea
  10. CCArchive


    I hate suffering from Anxiety. Trying to get on with everyday life and then something goes wrong which results in an attack making you feel depressed, tired and just wanting to sleep.
  11. The cunts went and got themselves fucked off. RIP you crazy bastards.
  12. There is only one thing worse than a total cunt and that is the son of a total cunt. Lining up punch drunk fucking no hopes for this cunt to eventually knock down is embarrasing to watch especially when he struts around like his cunt of a dad afterwards, like he has just invented perpetual motion. CUNT
  13. that total cunt has made a tv series out of kissing peoples arses that are building there own house, and has now decided look what i can do, and come up with a new series called kevin mcclouds man made homes, in which he shows how clever he is by making houses out of "free rubbish" but fails to tell you the stuff cost fucking thousands to salvage and clean, this mans Cuntishness effortlessly strides across all known boundaries.
  14. CCArchive

    Tim Shaw

    the bloke loves himself that much he should disappear up his own arse. furthers his career at others expense and humility,not only a cunt but an arsehole as well!chin
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