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  1. Why do you ask? Welcome to The Corner, @Cuntus Maximus. Just a word in your shell-like, but you really need to flesh out an OP and explain why a subject is being nominated.
  2. Have to say, the final episode was a let-down, I was a expecting a a grand denouement instead the master criminal was revealed to be an incompetent officer who sleepwalked into being the head evil mastermind. As for your analysis Eric, weren't two previous corrupt protagonists female?
  3. Your "thoughts" couldn't be more wrong. In fact a "sharp witt (sic) and a wicked sense of humour" is rare when applied to inter-member abuse, the reality is that the abuse is mostly reheated insults and is largely responsible for keeping the non-abusive post count down and from dissuading casual visitors from joining the site. The Corner prospers when punters leave their egos at the door and post irreverent "slice of life" and anecdotal commentary. Its no coincidence that the non-abusive post count has risen exponentially over the past couple of months. One mo' thing... Really?,
  4. Most probably, Saucepants made two applications in the last fortnight.
  5. Yesterday's application to join The Corner was declined as it was submitted via an Indian proxy IP address which is contrary to Rule 5. I see that you have reapplied, this time from New York. I'm not sure the aforementioned makes the Admin team "lazy cunts" however it does make you a stupid cunt. Cease and desist with the proxies otherwise your account will be digitally vaporised.
  6. As are yours as I have little patience with punters who blatantly take the piss. Your cumulative tally has been reduced by a further 66% and your account has been suspended indefinitely.
  7. Why are you asking? You're "hardly devastated", remember?
  8. Yeah right, so what's with the protesting and pleading?
  9. You're being hysterical...
  10. Yes you have, consequently your cumulative "like" count has been reduced by 66%.
  11. This is your third Rule 13 violation this year. Account suspended for seven days.
  12. Probably not a good idea to reply with a smartarse comment under the circumstances... A direct violation of Rule 12. Both of you can spend the rest of the weekend in the cooler. Use the time to read the rules and reflect on how you both can keep your egos in check.
  13. @Cockyroach, I've just removed your post which whilst it was not strictly against the rules I must question the mentality of a parolee testing the boundaries immediately after release. Calm down please.
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