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  1. Like many punters, you are burdened by a binary mind. Gender and sexuality are two entirely different constructs.
  2. Vitamin D is the best natural defence against Covid. Just one a day will do. You're welcome.
  3. Oh, I wouldn't worry - that collection of truths is unique only to you. Schlemiel.
  4. Good luck with that...we'll speak again on this on the 20th January. 👍
  5. Wow indeed... Add "prize schmuck" to your miniscule list of talents.
  6. Hey, let us know the outcome when this "evidence" is presented to the courts. You should realise that come noon on January 20th your boy will meekly leave The White House even if he has to be forcibly frog-marched out by the Secret Service.
  7. He won't touch it unless the cake is produced by an artisan bakery which must have the Queen's warrant.
  8. Oh, that...just routine culling of unproductive punters. Fortunately inmate Punkers is on hand to jet-wash the processing suite. It gets messy at times.
  9. Two spastics sparring, neither have landed a killer blow.
  10. Of course not, what's your point?
  11. @Old Chap Raasclaat, this is your one and last friendly warning regarding Rule 12. Do it again and your account will be suspended.
  12. In the meantime we'll throw you off the site for 4 days for Rule 10 Violations.
  13. Well, you have to say that 'cos anything less would be an admission that you've been played like a mug.
  14. A more measured and less woolly take on the Pelosi/Dominion rumours from Associated Press. https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-us-news-media-michigan-43bdaa186e3b8d9d897cae3bd0c6cdc0
  15. Oh please, physician, heal thyself.
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