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  1. Well, you better provide the evidence that Dmitriy Stuzhuk is still alive then. That's two things you now have to do, the other is provide the source of your 48% figure.
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/influencer-dmitriy-stuzhuk-dies-from-covid-19-after-denying-its-existence-12107174 Again, old arguments previously discussed. How about you stop deflecting and state where you sourced the 48% figure from as its' key to your argument?
  3. Hardly a "world" collection given the preponderance of European misfits with Sweden being the greatest contributor. A large contingent of non-medical political activists as well including a mayoral candidate. Most telling of all that amongst the medically trained bods, including a "holistic dentist" (yes, really) was that there was only one immunologist. I'd say these people have their work cut out.
  4. By all accounts Sweden's chickens are coming home to roost - the country has one of the lowest antibody rates in the world. As per my previous post I have already answered most of your questions. As for your 48% figure it would be interesting to know where you obtained that from, given your predilection for making things up and fake news. Whatever, its certainly contrary to a recent Lancet Respiratory Medicine article.
  5. Ordinarily this would have been an interesting anecdotal observation which had punch yet you've ruined it by unnecessary racist stereotyping and pejoratives. --o0o-- I don't wish to spoil the party but The Corner will enter a world of hurt if it resembles a National Front branch. By all means indulge in free speech, but use it responsibly.
  6. For which he was duly dealt with. Right now there there seems to be a few curtain-twitching Karens about.
  7. You have a knack for making erroneous assumptions.
  8. So after the affected yawns you now seek counsel from the oracle? Aside from the mask issue I have answered your questions on other threads. Any mask is better than no mask. FWIW I use 3-ply medical grade type IIR surgical masks that conform to to EN:14683.
  9. So that where I've going wrong for all these years, I should've been arguing with people whose opinion I agree with. Jesus fucking Christ, how do we find people like you?
  10. Marvellous film, one of my favs - using Wagner's Siegfried's Funeral March was an inspired choice.
  11. What's stopping you doing the conveyancing yourself then?
  12. Serious answer, everyone has their idiosyncrasies. Why is it that its always the ne'er do wells, the have nots and those employed by the gig economy are always the ones who promulgate theories peppered with random anecdotes, strawman arguments and "sheeple" accusations? Where do they get their remarkable insight from? Discuss...
  13. Certainly busy identifying supply chain issues caused by the pandemic but that's more about providing assistance and expertise to the stakeholders involved.
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