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  1. Get away. There's no links on made up stuff and even if there was you lack the wherewithal to upload them.
  2. Like wot you did when you Googled "Felecia"?
  3. Well, firstly I'm entitled to articulate an opinion as much as other punters and as RK intimated, in a tone less offensive than most. In fact my post count is comparatively low (less than a third of yours) so its not too clear as to what you're bitchin' about. I will continue to interject where someone spreads misinformation or even disinformation to support their POV. As for the tinfoil aspect I will say that when someone says that the covid-19 virus was manufactured at the behest of industrial hi-tech barons as a vehicle to control the world then yes, I'll pour the biggest pile of ordure over him/her.
  4. Get over yourself, you're not the first misinformed foil-coated chancer who requires regular schooling and you won't be the last.
  5. Bill, help me out. I just discovered that the treatment of appendicitis is pretty universal throughout the world. This can mean only one thing; that the human appendix is a natural foodstuff of extra-terrestrial beings and that hi-tech industrial oligarchs have persuaded every government, medical school, doctor and surgeon to manufacture reasons to harvest the organs in return for alien technology know-how. I have no evidence to support my theory but I thought a dim-witted conspiracy sheep with connections to the Sid Slackjaws of the world an erudite man of great insight could perhaps dig around and find the proof. Thanks.
  6. Which point? You make so many that crash and burn. You only jumped in head first so you could do some brown-nosing as befitting your toadying nature.
  7. Your back-peddling is noted. Before you decide on your next Corner pash, do us all a favour and shred the clutch of degrees you say were awarded.
  8. Perhaps you would care to ask Mr Focker why he showed only one minute, fourteen seconds of a 41 minute 53 second vid. Perhaps he was tendering to his flock of sheep. The clarification is at 33:50.
  9. In your report of the 17th June 2020 you said, In my PM (which incidentally, is still "active" in both our mailboxes, ie you have not deleted it) to you the next day I said, There is no reference to DC revealing your real name for the simple reason that she does not know it.
  10. Actually, NSW Health's Dr Jeremy McAnulty has clarified that of the 43 people in ICU with Covid-19 only one has any dose of the vaccine. The remaining 42 have not been vaccinated. This similar to the trend in the States where there is currently a "pandemic of the unvaccinated".
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