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  1. It takes a gold-plated retard to deny something then two sentences later confirm its true by justifying the behaviour. For avoidance of any doubt I append below but two examples that led to your predicament Best you STFU and go with the plan otherwise you'll end up with a red triangle embossed on your forehead in perpetuity.
  2. Quite. Squirm and wriggle as much as you like, Billy two-jabs. Deliberately missing the the point and the gaslighting isn't going to get you out of the hole you've dug for yourself.
  3. 10/10 for the deflection attempt. Its not too clear what the scandal apropos The Boris chumocracy with the Innova Medical Group's suspect lateral flow tests and other questionable contracts has to do with the situation we're talking about. Furthermore, I have not articulated any assumption (inferred or otherwise) that QR & 2D bar codes are "somehow foolproof". More to the point, whether they are forged or authentic is missing the point. Even a forged QR code has to have an expiry date imbedded within otherwise its an immediate red flag that would reveal it self even with a cursory inspection. The notion that you crossed three international frontiers on a QR code given to you "months ago" is palpable nonsense. Billy, you're a stereotypical Northern Irish proddy gobshite who can't keep his idiotic mouth shut. You rant and rave conspiratorial nonsense disparaging the "sheeple" when along you've shown yourself to be a mendacious bigot who does not practice what he preaches.
  4. Well it wasn't for the subversive cutting edge discourse that he alludes to. It was for inciting the puntership to shoot a target he pinned to himself despite repeated directives not to do so.
  5. Billy Two-Jabs, naturally you're upset and embarrassed hence the resorting to old tropes and an exaggerated faux nonchalance. Incidentally as any fule kno NHS QR codes have a shelf life of 30 days so how you managed to managed to enter three countries on a code "sent to [you] months ago" is beyond comprehension. Do not even attempt to spin one of your convoluted explanations either you utter fraud.
  6. G'wan, you're really Monumental Cunt, aren't you? Intimating you've outfoxed three countries with a forged covid passport is complete tosh as well. You've obviously been doubled jabbed.
  7. Mrs Roops

    Brown Sugar

    Well I'm not a global marketing strategist but one suspects that Mars Inc have decided to remove any semblance of identity politics from the product brands it owns. I'm wondering why you think the decision is "utter bullshit"?
  8. Silly me, I forgot to add that the review period has a rolling commencement date. Incidentally no-one has mandated that you are not to be deleted. I reiterate; your role at The Corner is to entertain with rambling delusional nonsense for which I thank you. As you know, items that cross the line do not see the light of day, so yeah - be seeing you!
  9. Only if you're suffering from a paranoid personality disorder and exhibit delusional behaviour. No worries, I've extended the treatment which will be reviewed in 12 months.
  10. Mrs Roops

    Brown Sugar

    We've covered this only a few months ago...
  11. Coming from the high priestess of baseless assumptions this assertion is somewhat hypocritical. --o0o-- On a not unrelated note can the two one-legged gentlemen desist from the arse-kicking contest? Your zero-interest dispute is migrating from thread to thread. Whilst I'm in rant mode I question the efficacy and value of the usual suspects endlessly repeating the same phallic-based insults ad nauseum, so stop it.
  12. Well of course the crown motif replaces the CE mark on pint glasses as the UK is no longer regulated by the EU Measuring Instruments Directive which no doubt was formulated by a nameless unelected EU bureaucrat, so I'm not too sure what point you are trying make unless desperation is making you scrape the barrel (36 Imperial gallons).
  13. Back in 2016 I said I was voting "out" for reasons of national self-determination, accountability and the preservation of democracy. I also made it quite clear that the economic arguments on both sides was inconclusive though I was inclined to think that any benefits would be in the long term only. In subsequent postings I also made it clear there would be hiccups in the short and medium terms. What I did not expect was two years of uncertainty which put many manufacturing decisions and planning on hold thanks to the verbal and legal gymnastics by Remainers who despite saying the "wishes of the electorate must be honoured" fought tooth and nail to engineer a Brexit that was in name only. And yes Covid did not help. Hmm, when Britain sneezes, Ireland catches a cold which is probably why the general manager of the Irish Freight Transport Association is bitching about an Irish shortage of HGV drivers and logistical workers in Eire. Already some chilled lines are no longer available in the Emerald Isle and the problem will only get worse as UK producers will prioritise the domestic market. As for Australia, they too are experiencing low skilled shortage issues and we won't talk about medicine shortages...
  14. The whims and wishes of Eire and Northern Ireland is dependant on negotiations between the UK government and your political masters in Brussels. The Emerald Isle's inhabitants on both sides of the border are mere bargaining chips to be played at the adults table. Who may or may not be the majority party in the Northern Ireland assembly is moot at best and probably irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
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