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  1. Given that more than half of your ill-informed post was advocating the notion that all SAGE members are controlled by Bill & Melinda Gates I suspect you know perfectly well what I was saying so drop the faux man-baby tantrum, Billy. As for Professor Edmunds, I would rather pay attention to what a professor of epidemiology has to say over the incoherent bollux spouted by a selfish, feeble-minded git who probably scraped through with no more than three poor CSE grades. As for immunising the under sixteen year olds, children have different immune systems to adults so paediatric ver
  2. This full-on tinfoil hattery. Here is the list of all scientists who have participated in SAGE-Covid meetings. Also disclosed is the register of declared interests. I very much doubt you spent an hour auditing and vetting the data. Ordinarily, this would take a single person several months given the scale of people involved. You clearly think you posses a greater insight than the world's epidemiologists, virologists, medical researchers and statisticians with regards to the pandemic issues. You are either very stupid, insane or just trolling.
  3. I shall read and commit to memory all of your 18.5k posts so this won't happen again. Incidentally, I note you used the word "comment" in your post - a word that I used yesterday at 11.16 hrs. Your hypocrisy is of such magnitude that I cannot let this go unpunished so I am minded to debit 1,500 "likes" from your cumulative "like" count.
  4. Probably the same way a great white feels after being head-butted by a pilchard.
  5. You are second guessing. Incidentally, if I wasted all the punters who rub the others the wrong way you would be included in the first tranche but as you appear to be "in touch" you would already know that.
  6. Did the "177 thousand illegal voters" submit ballots? Whilst you're at it please provide a link to the source of this revelation.
  7. What I said was this... As for being "too grand" to reply to PM's, AFAIK I have replied to your PM's as well from other punters so I am guessing you are hitching a lift on someone else's throwaway comment. I will say I'm not here to hold a needy person's hand or be his friend, nor attend to a constant stream of frivolous enquiries from someone who appears to have superglued his finger to the report button.
  8. I think it best punters drop references to Thai food vloggers, sex tourism, the Glitter Band et al, otherwise protracted periods of cooler time will result.
  9. Back in May, SAGE made it clear that the 59,000 figure was a worst case scenario and not a prediction. It should be noted that the scenario was made prior to the Bournemouth incident that you speak of. Small wonder, that with your history of misinformation and playing with the facts, that reasonably-minded people refuse to listen to you.
  10. People seem to be confusing the European Court of Justice which is the supreme court pertaining to EU law and the European Court of Human Rights which interprets and rules on the European Convention on Human Rights as convened by the 47 member states of the Council of Europe which is a separate entity to that of the European Union.
  11. Yes, I have read the Lancet article. Aside from the usual caveats employed e.g. "appears" and "interim results" this looks very promising.
  12. @Old Chap Raasclaat & @Eddie take a rest for 48 hours.
  13. Its not mine. You were the one promulgating the "result", remember? Idiot.
  14. The f1.2 takes in twice as much light (i.e one f stop) as the f1.8. The law of physics dictates you'll need twice as much glass and lens. Its a niche product and for most people the cost does not justify the means.
  15. A "survey" of thirty patients is not a result. There is no mention of how effective the drug is when administered to non-cancer patients.
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