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  1. I meant old school as in he did his job and not fob us off with his opinion. I couldn't give a shit what he did in his spare time.
  2. Hitting the heavy bag? You bastard, hitting women. So that's why Roops left.
  3. I love these cunts who stand on the shore with placards saying "refugees welcome". But obviously nowhere near them.
  4. I remember Saturday afternoons as a kid when he was on one side on Grandstand and Dickhead Davis' World of Sport on the other. My dad would be flicking channels, Racing Post on his lap, screaming at the telly. I always wondered why he kept betting on the same horse. 'You Useless Cunt' never seemed to win.
  5. Was that the film where Pacino played a gun wielding, gangster spic? Or the other film where he played a spic gangster whos wielding a gun? Not to be mistaken with that other film he's in where he's wielding a gun, whilst he's robbing a bank. And he's a spic whose a gangster.
  6. There was a rumour that back in the 80s the new fiver was going to have Linda Lusardi strategically holding a small beach ball. But this was scuppered when the few that got printed as samples disappeared.
  7. Boris spends every night in his bedroom printing new money, al la Eddie in Bottom. Soon there'll be an 18 pound note with Priti Patel, getting her jugs out, on it.
  8. Lay by on the Old Kent Road? Where've you been Pen. The OKR has changed since you travelled along it in your handsome cab. The fields have given way to Tesco's, B&Q and B&M superstore.
  9. I honestly thought he died a few years back. Remember him from Grandstand. Old school presenter who gave the news and didn't foist you off with his opinions. Unlike the opinionated cunts nowadays.
  10. I bet you stood in front of a mirror and tried that "321" with the hand and got the right fuckng hump because you couldn't do it? Or was that just me?
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