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  1. Hang on, I need to sneeze ah..ah ah....ah...twat! Sorry about that.
  2. Some cunt on the battlements on Elizabeth castle fired a blank shell.
  3. I think this post is going to be 'Roopatised'.
  4. You forgot the usual "my parents were poor, dad was a humble bus driver and I grew up on a council estate" bollocks. Still makes him a cunt. Just a working class cunt.
  5. Its interesting to see how this election pans out. The Tories are fielding a black candidate to obviously grab the black vote, but I don't think it will be enough to wrest control of the white middle class areas. I can't imagine for one minute that Cressida and Tarquin with their kids Hunter and Willow, living in their £1m, 2 up 2 down in East Dulwich will even think of voting Tory. Will the noirs in places like Dalston and Brixton vote for one of their own? Be interesting.
  6. Its official name is a Balliwick I believe. When I was there in 83, there were enough wrinklies left there with froggy/norman names who absolutely detested the English, because they believed the island should have been french. Not sure what it's like now. But can the frogs legally cut the power supply seeing it is a private energy company who are the suppliers?
  7. Harold will still be around. That cunt's charmed.
  8. One day you may accidentally drink the harpic mistaking it for booze. If you do and before your stomach lining froths up, please come on here and let us know? So we can have a jolly good laugh.
  9. I don't want to see your dick thanks very much. Btw; does Frank know you used a picture of him in your previous post?
  10. Keep out you. Its between me and the 11 fingered, balding midget
  11. Really? You're the one who's always quoting me and moaning about what I put. So you're the one whose rattled, sunshine.
  12. Nothing what these fucking slitty eyed little savages do surprises me. If they're not driving species of wildlife into extinction in their quest to make their men folks tiny little peckers stand to attention, then they're always trying to make money doing disgusting things like this. Watch that aussie customs and excise programme on Ch4 to see what shit they try to bring through customs. Ho Chi-Min was a pastry making cunt.
  13. Wasn't it that each of these harridans were fucking banal on their own, so the brillo pad haired midget Simon Cowell decided to put them all together?
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