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  1. Good one CB, but the iron lung is largely obselete* now. As for the kidney dialysis, I think she gave her kidneys to a bearded Libyan child immigrant. Just saying like. *TBC by Mrs Roops.
  2. Reminds me of the New Years day sales in Peckham. "Blacks outside Primark. Thaaasaands of 'em".
  3. I'm sure that Roops is, as I type, filling her large glass with merlot, and is busily searching on Google to challenge the veracity of your claims. Strap yourself in Billy boy, you could be in for a bumpy ride. Good luck old boy.
  4. "Knock, Knock" "Knock, Knock" "Knock, Knock" "Oh fuck I forgot. He's stone deaf"
  5. Your three points there, cover literally the whole CC membership.
  6. Girl with a pearl necklace by Johannes Spermeer
  7. She's about as Jewish as I'm a fucking inuit
  8. I'd still shag the granny out of it always the gentleman!, Neil.
  9. Fuck me Cunty, you must be in line for the Nobel prize for psychiatry. Jung, Frankl, Fanon: you shit on them.
  10. Especially when it comes to harming a pussy
  11. Fucking dicknosed cunt. Can I have 10 minutes with the cunt with half a pool cue and a 3Ibs club hammer?
  12. I've always wondered what a minutes silence would sound like at a tourette's conference!
  13. Old McDonald had Tourette's E I E I "CUNT"!
  14. Don't forget Dozy, Beaky, mick and Titch.
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