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  1. Dame Vera Lynn deserved her award. Apparently they're going to erect a statue of her. Don't know where, don't know when! Here all lockdown
  2. What about "Diddy" David Hamilton ? He was good when he was on Radio1
  3. I liked it when we gave Rwanda fuckloads of money to get themselves out of the shit only for the Rwandans to give fuckloads of money to the red scum of North London (arsenal) for shirt sponsorship. Marvelous
  4. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/eastenders-set-new-mural-artist-dreph_uk_5ef9dc70c5b6acab28448d63 Apparently it's to celebrate the heroism of black women. Although this woman is to remain anonymous. I wonder why?
  5. The whole awards system is totally fucked and has been for decades. No doubt Chris Shitty or whatever his name is will get knighted despite totally fucking up everything to do with the handling of the chinky plague. Hamilton has wanked on about the evils that the establishment sling at his Bro's but will no doubt fall arse over tit to be knighted. If he tells the establishment to shove their award up their jacksy I will then have a modicum of respect for the little cunt.
  6. Saw Eastenders the other night and noticed they had a huge mural of a black woman on the side of the house. Any idea?
  7. So what does your missing wife look like Mr Ahmed? Well shes 5'2", brown skinned, with Brown Eyes! And what was she wearing? A hijab. What colour? Black No problem Mr Ahmed. We'll put an APB to all police units in Saudia Arabia. We'll have your wife back in no time.
  8. You obviously haven't been to Luton.
  9. How many pissed up cunts tried to buy this? (No not me. I have a Latvian in the coal shed).
  10. I downloaded Mike Strutter to be the voice on my satnav. "At the end this fucking road, turn left you motherfucker". I had my mum in the car with me and I forgot to turn it off. Lets just say she weren't fucking amused.
  11. Paul Kaye. I think you're referring to Mike Strutter.
  12. Dennis Pennis to Gibson at a press conference "In Braveheart you played a long haired neanderthal and in Mad Max you played a long haired neanderthal. Being Australian do you think you're being typecast"?
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