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  1. Why do elephants have big ears? Because Noddy won't pay the ransom.
  2. Maybe a few break dancing lessons as well.
  3. Threads like this need to be culled. It means fuck all.
  4. He's house is probably on Frank's post round. That's how he knows where he lives
  5. I had to google her because guess what: NEVER HEARD OF HER! lol. Fuck off
  6. People will listen to the whingeing though and instead of saying what you're saying they'll all be sympathetic and fawning over her. It's all about publicity and the "Look at me" culture. These cunts are so far removed from reality and ordinary life that they don't deserve sympathy.
  7. So what does the £700 cover? That won't even pay for a City and Guilds course. Load of old tosh.
  8. More like her Mons pubis was carved there.
  9. You only shit twice On Her Majesty's Secret Toilet View to a cack Shit another day No Time to Shit
  10. Every time I see an interview with a different scientist they always seem to be with SAGE. How many do they have? Where do they have their meetings; fucking Wembley Stadium?
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