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  1. No matter how much vitriol you put into your pathetic attempts at intimidating people you just look like the sad, little, angry cunt, you evidently are. Don't forget to PM your reach-around boyfriends to back you up, you wouldn't want to be on here alone, now the nights are drawing in.
  2. Well, there was no mention of Frank...
  3. That's just a disgusting rumour, put about by the Corner's resident Gay Mafia, to cover up their own depraved antics. Maybe you'd like to ask Woofles, in what percentage of posts do him and Dickless make references to scat, then you'll see who the experts on those matters are. He seems to have a monopoly on pointing out other peoples repetitions.
  4. dave

    Mental Health

    No change there, then. You and your 'friends of Dorothy' mates already do that every weekend, but you always end up fucking each other as usual.
  5. dave

    Mental Health

    Stop posting videos of your rampant cock, Wolfie's already seen it (on more than one occasion)
  6. Woofles probably has a talent for something, but his lack of talent for poetry is something he definitely shouldn't publicise.
  7. Well, that's a bit rich coming from a cunt like you. You and Dickless have been playing 'reach around' for months, I'm surprised there hasn't been notice of your engagement in the press.
  8. Please wash your hands before leaving
  9. There you go again, the big 'I AM'. It's your site, you make the rules, you say who comes and goes, and yet, all the people you threaten and bully are still here taking lumps out of you. Grow up!
  10. So, now we know which one considers himself the boyfriend and lacking in the trouser department
  11. What numbers were they allocated in the take-aways, and did they get rice or noodles with it?
  12. What's really odd, is the way you and your boyfriend project your sordid fantasies about massive cocks, scat, and arses onto other posters. It's all getting very silly, but that's only to be expected from a couple of wannabe playground bullies.
  13. You're just jealous, because your boyfriend's lacking in the trouser department.
  14. Nobody will believe that!
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