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  1. Are we allowed to say 'Black'berries without offending other types of fruit?
  2. Not necessarily, cunts can identify as anything they like these days, no need to change their name, I mean, look at Dickless, he's half canine, the other half is pure cunt!
  3. Strawberries are what Raspberries would be if they went 'down-market'.
  4. That really is 'true love', when you can confide anything with your partner of choice.
  5. Have you seen the viewing figures for anything with 'celebrity' attached to the title? There's more stupid cunts tune-in for that shite than anything else on tv, and all those 'celeb' lifestyle mags stacked next to the tills in supermarkets have a lot to answer for, as well as the sad cunts who buy them, they go down a storm with their chicken-nugget and oven-chip diet.
  6. Really? You and your canine-cuddling, cunt-mate Dickless ought to get a new schtick, this one is so tired it's in a nursing home for worn-out cunts, look, there it is, sat next to that other worn-out cunt Katie Price. Are you his fuckin' clone or just another of his deluded disciples?
  7. A single word for kissing ass and sucking cock.
  8. Josh Widdicombe has written his first book. Wtching the Nineties is described as "part-childhood memoir, part-comic history of Nineties television and culture". He ain't funny now, I doubt if he was funny then, so why the fuck is he bothering, and who the fuck is going to buy it? Apparently he was a 'sports jurnalist' before he got the bug for comedy. All I can say is, sports journalism's loss is definitely not comedy's gain, the unfunny cunt!
  9. "They were lovely people who kept themselves to themselves." Not difficult, when you live in a big, fuck-off, mansion!
  10. The most upsetting thing about it is, some woke cunt gets to move up in the pecking order of these fuckin' parasites.
  11. Never watched anything on C4 without it
  12. He's gone up another notch in my estimation just for that.
  13. Pinkie was a top bloke, he'd piss on that cunt Ramsey and his celebrity arse-lickers.
  14. You're welcome. As Moz would say 'there’s always someone, somewhere, with a big nose, who knows...'
  15. I guess that ends the witch-hunt for who made the 'off colour' remark about the Markle kiddie.
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