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  1. Joker

    Tom Daley advert

    Don't need to, copy and paste, it's the future
  2. Joker

    Tom Daley advert

    Apologies, have you tried sunglasses?
  3. Joker

    Tom Daley advert

    What's that, your DIY customised pizza topping?
  4. Joker

    The Hundred

    Is there a sewer big enough?
  5. And you, being a scat obsessed cunt, would have first hand knowledge of that, wouldn't you?
  6. There's so much shit in the nom it's beginning to read like a posting from Dickless.
  7. Same here, it's always 'How was your day?' Fuck all that, the money's in the bank, go spend it, don't ask me what I had to go through to earn it.
  8. Your therapist doesn't seem to be having much luck, to me it appears obvious, your lack of potty training when you were young indicates a predisposition with scat. You're welcome, that will be £250 for the consultation. Thanks
  9. There's never a right hole for having things rammed up your arse, unless your name's Frank or Decimus
  10. So can humans, but they're too fuckin' lazy. Cunts!
  11. 'A former Sudanese swimming champion is leading a project to encourage more ethnic minority women to take to the water.' That would be an excellent idea, but some cunt keeps rescuing them when they do!
  12. What happened to the size of his cock, surely all that exercise expanded it in some way?
  13. Doesn't take much to smoke you and your itchy trigger finger out, does it? Cunt! BTW, who is this 'R-Soles' that you speak of?
  14. I had considered agreeing with you but, as you seem to have morphed into the Earl Of Punkape, you're a total cunt. Fuck off!
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