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  1. You're fuckin' lucky, 'oop north'® we get this mincing twat, and his fuckin' bongos.
  2. Cilla Black, total plastic celebrity Scouse cunt, didn't live in Liverpool for most of her life, then when she croaked the silly Scouse cunts cried like she was Princess Diana, they love a good funeral, they had at least 96!
  3. How fuckin' ironic, surely that should have been the other way around (and don't call me Shirley)
  4. Looking at her picture, the flabby cow has fat ankles, maybe she did work in a Kibab shop in a previous life!
  5. With a name like Fatima she would be more likely to re-train for a job in a fuckin' Kibab shop.
  6. She's Scottish, an MP, double cunt, burn the fuckin' witch!
  7. Well, it had about 50lbs of cocaine, £10K in used fivers and a bag of Dolly Mixtures(love those little red chewy ones)
  8. The Road To Hell (it surely is, and don't call me Shirley)
  9. Chris (dire)Rea comes from Middlesborough (I rest my case)
  10. The poor cunt's gonna be looking for a new job, and with mistakes like that there won't be any forthcoming any time soon.
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