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  1. Wouldn't know Stubbly, I'm not the person you should ask, PM Dickless, he seems to know quite a lot about dog shit, he never lets a week pass without mentioning it and, seeing as you've now jumped on the bandwagon maybe he'll help you with your enquiry.
  2. Your sick obsession with dog shit really has got the better of you, hasn't it?
  3. Are you a 'chubby chaser' or 'feeder'?
  4. There'll be plenty of 'cries for help' when the cunt explodes his suicide vest, just hope that I'm not in the vicinity.
  5. The Lib Dem leader said that whilst his party are “very pro-European” and want to see the closest possible relationship with the EU following Brexit, they are “not a rejoin party”. What a fucking two-faced, lying cunt, this EU apologist is. After his cunt party got annihilated at the last election, precisely because of their boot-licking, ass-kissing, deferential subservience to the EU parasites. He'd bend-over and take every cock in Europe (without lube) if they'd let the UK back in their rancid cunts club. Davey is a chancer and a disgraceful fucking traitor, his party sh
  6. Aesthetically or culinary?
  7. The root cause of the disagreement is politicians. Those self-serving fuckwits who get paid for sorting these problems out. They failed at their job (as usual) they still take our money, they are cunts!
  8. You know who I am, you threatened me last year, told me to leave or else, I told you I was going nowhere, guess what? I'm still here! Maybe you've gotten senile, maybe you just want to forget your embarrassment, it doesn't matter, we're all friends here
  9. I tried thinking about it, unfortunately my imagination ain't too good, I'd like to see the 'real time action' filmed for evidence.
  10. As you ought to know, it's quality over quantity every time.
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