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  1. I suspect it might take a dozen of us just to make her clapper airtight, judging by that picture. I'd still rattle the cunt up the mud-hut and bruise her lungs.
  2. I'm fascinated by Indian women. They're either breathtakingly attractive, or toothless, doubly incontinent sea-hags with semen-flecked beards and twelve toes. All but the aesthetically pleasing can fucking drop dead at the selection ramp as far as I'm concerned. Arati Gupta was a cunt.
  3. I'd probably flip old Amanda over and hammer her up the dung-hatch to be honest. I'm sure her cervix, while possibly still being serviceable (and more than accommodating) will almost certainly be leaking a constant flow of Thrush with the consistency of Dairylea years after the irretrievably unfunny Les Dennis cunt slung his flaccid lady-finger up there. Naturally, as a gentleman, I would take the precaution of applying a builder's rubble bag over her head and secure it in place with a couple of zip-ties around her throat for that Michael Hutchence experience. Albert de Salvo
  4. I've mulled over this nomination, even given it some serious consideration and have concluded, I'd fuck the tubby one and drown the other three wall-eyed talent-resistant cunts in my favourite culvert just outside Aberfeldy. Jack Elam was a cunt.
  5. If ever there was a cunt needing properly Sutcliffed with an inordinate degree of prejudice before being Sparta-kicked through a bark-stripper, it's this magnolia-toothed, Cliff-felching fucking sow. One can only imagine her highly discoloured and oily giblets must nowadays resemble a slobbering bulldog with a galloping yeast infection. I want her dead.
  6. Jesus fucking Christ, that's genuinely embarrassing viewing. Are we actually to believe that this shoulders like a Martini bottle fucking deluded pansy clown-shoe was the strongest swimmer that dribbled out of his old mum's Thrush-crusted vulva? What an absolute fucking walloper. Generally speaking, cunts who attempt to legitimise their action-packed fantasies like this fucking shit-the-bed have OD'd on their big sister's Immodium...probably after he's climbed off her. This dog-fucking gimp should be beaten into a screaming mess with a trenching shovel and have his shins powdered cou
  7. I wonder if the Swash cunt has ever got his wife's gammon hangers to froth like a bill poster's bucket...or even if the pigshit-thick puddle-drinking bastard would want to. I'm convinced she's that cottaging chut Rylan Whatever-his-fucking-name-is, who has a detachable Rolf Harris beard and occasionally tucks her cock between her legs. How this pair of mouth-breathing arseholes with the collective IQ of a fucking Twix achieved celebrity status is fucking beyond me. I want them dead.
  8. To be honest, once the sodium sulfate works it's inevitable piath down to your frenulum, it's fucking Game Over. The positive aspect is that it kills the Thrush you've just contracted off your latest dead hooker. Win/win in my book.
  9. Indeed. They were an appallingly shite band to be fair. However, I was both voevod and ReverendCoitus in previous incarnations. I was a cunt then and am a cunt now. Consistency is the key, I believe.
  10. Why, thank you for your very eloquent testimonial, Mr B. Yes, yes I do hate those parochial nationalist arse-candle cunts...although it would take me very little persuasion indeed to fuck the absolute piss out of Kate Forbes, if only as a salient reminder to her evidently commodious gammon hangers that galloping Thrush doth not a political point make. She's a bit of a tough wank, buy I'm resolute in my intention of making her paraurethral ducts gush...in the nicest possible way, of course.
  11. It's the Parfitt Tele, Spotto. A Tony Rockett build. Think he's retired now. You could launch it out of a speeding car and because it has that Gibson wraparound bridge, the fucker will stay in tune. Excellent piece of kit.
  12. Yes. Yes, you are absolutely correct in your assertion. You are indeed a cunt. Please fuck right off at your earliest convenience. Arrivederci bastardo.
  13. I reckon old Emily's flaps have a piquancy of oven-fresh Bakewell Tart. She needs pinned down to her news desk and throat-fucked. Dustin Hoffman's a cunt.
  14. I'm out of the loop on the internecine feuding on here, but had my day brighten immeasurably upon learning that one of those Commie AntiFa/BLM fuckwits managed to get his empty head flattened when the statue he was pulling down burst his skull like an over-ripe turnip. I do hope it's life-changing and that he spends the remaining time he has left pissing and shitting into a bag. Michael Schumacher's a cunt.
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