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  1. Her political leanings are steeped in "Marxism-lite". She may even have publicly admitted as much at some point. It'll certainly be the primary and singular reason why she's taken her political party as hard-left as a vast swathe of her own membership can currently stomach. If you're going to present an argument, try and do a bit of research first before typing. It saves you public humiliation and temporarily stops you looking a bit thick.
  2. Unfortunately, the non-nationalist parties are so deeply divided, that the fucking SNP may get back in next May. They took power with 22% of the vote in 2007. Cunts.
  3. Bit of a deflection there then and not much else. So, you can't really pin-point any "bollocks" in what I said after all.
  4. If by unionist, you mean I don't believe in nationalism, or Sturgeon's brand of Communism, then so be it. Tell me which part is bollocks. They've readily admitted they have no fiscal plan. Swinney researched the cost of establishing a central bank, then quietly dismissed it. We currently meet no entry requirements of Copenhagen Criteria, Maastricht Treaty, or even the EU's Acquis Communautaire. All of this is fully and publicly acknowledged by them. Unless you are in the higher echelons of UK politics, you don't know. So, rather than just your dismissive "bollocks" style of debate, l
  5. The majority don't. The recent polls are SNP-commissioned and funded to pollsters who have to register and get paid for poll activity. There is a narrow demographic who they contact if they meet the right criteria. If Sturgeon can only manage 58% in favour of "independence" from her own supporters, she should be worried. The question put to them is..."would you vote for independence, if Scotland was better off financially"? As they have no fiscal plan, no central bank and meet none of the EU entry criteria, we wouldn't be.
  6. Her briefings long ago diverged into simple and gratis party political broadcasts, courtesy of a Sturgeon-compliant Scottish media. The majority of the press up here are cowed by the SNP threat of withdrawal of advertising and thus, don't pose any hard to answer questions her way. Two of her MPs effectively gagged, intimidated and forced the resignation of a journalist for sharing his personal opinion in one of his comment pieces...where he gave his personal opinion. His then employer, STV, a broadcaster and long-term bedfellow of Sturgeon, instantly buckled under SNP pressure.
  7. Highly unlikely, Earl. Police Scotland's allegiance to the SNP/Scottish Government (like much of the Scottish press) is well known.
  8. She doesn't drive, Eric. She did however visit businesses, a church, used taxis and public transport from London to Glasgow and sat in the HoC chamber after learning she was positive for Covid.
  9. She was a very short-lived foil for that fucking Communist lesbian Sturgeon cunt. She needs every deflection available to take the focus away from her (and her arsehole husband's) now well established lies to the inquiry she is now embroiled in. It of course goes without saying... I want her dead.
  10. No. Quite a bit earlier than that. I don't know who you are/were, but am hoping you are who I think you were.
  11. I have an idea who you are, Goober. Did we share a particular hatred of a certain poster a few years back?
  12. I can't believe some bloke actually thought it was a good idea to get balls deep up this thick 80 word vocabulary ultimately dispensible bollock-eyed walrus-moustached sow. Being of a disproportionate bulk, I suspect she had a fanny like a pub carpet and flaps like a gutted trout even before her offspring bungee-dropped out of her butcher's bin. I'd happily dispatch this Barry White, cunt like a Heathrow windsock slab-cracker with a Luger. I want her dead.
  13. It's of little consequence. As we all know, football is exclusively a game for chuts, pastel-haired fucking pansies and chocolate cha-cha dancers. Cunts, the lot of 'em. I want them dead.
  14. I can reliably inform you that Lady P's chest is swellingly impressive, while @Mrs Roopswas of a more athletic physique and always had the effortless ability to make this Alpha hombré drip quite fucking uncontrollably. Any bloke on here who disagrees is of course, an unashamedly rampant homosexual.
  15. You're absolutely correct, Spotto. She was as council AF. Even if I'd been a seasonal bassist for Jethro Tull during an unfathomingly long fallow period during the 80s on a decade-long tour of Butlins, I still wouldn't have entertained the cunt. By all accounts, she had a cunt like a ghillie's wader...and thus, I chivalrously bowed out. Mrs Roops always had my attention back then. Does she still tread the boards?
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