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  1. Maybe it's my imagination, but I suspect he fancies the pants off Louise Minchin.
  2. On the other hand BBC breakfast TV has been consistently more successful than ITV, despite ITV throwing a lot of money at high profile presenters.
  3. Rick_B

    Hank Marvin

    Trying to look rock an d roll street cred isn't easy when your real name is Brian.
  4. Rick_B

    Hank Marvin

    He is easily the most influential British guitarist ever, inspiring loads of bands including the Beatles. When you listen to his early 60s stuff the purity of his guitar tone ,especially considering the basic technology back then, is astounding.
  5. Did I use the term depraved pervert? I would have if that's what I thought of them, but I didn't because I don't.
  6. So what are you saying? That a child who has two same sex parents who actually care for him/her would be better off with the kind of dysfunctional monsters who populate The Jeremy Kyle show, just because they are opposite sex and therefore that's automatically better and "normal"?
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    Not seen them for ages, can you still get them?
  8. Rick_B

    The Edge

    There has been a lot of speculation about this guitar. Clearly the neck pickup is the wrong way round, but that wouldn't cause the out of phase effect, but wiring it backwards would. I've simulated this with a second-hand Vintage V100 Les Paul copy I bought off eBay. The positioning of the volume controls is very important, bridge on about 8. neck on about 7 works for me. People who saw Peter in the early days said he would often make small adjustments to the volume controls during solos, bringing the out of phase sound in and out. Most probably what happened with his guitar is that the m
  9. Rick_B

    The Edge

    Absolutely, I saw him play live a couple of times and that guy could make a guitar talk. He also managed to channel Peter Green at his finest, in fact he almost became obsessed with Peter and bought the famous "out of phase" Les Paul guitar.
  10. Rick_B

    The Edge

    He's alright, his distinctive sound is very much part of U2. I'm not sure he qualifies as "guitar genius" though. I've never tried a Bond Electraglide, but here's a clip of a "Great Female Guitarist" playing one. She's OK, but I'm not sure about great. What I do know is that it's a guitar sound I would never ever want to use. I'm cynical about carbon fibre/plastic/metal alloy etc guitars. I played with a bass player who used a Vigier carbon fibre bass. Now it was an extremely well made instrument, as it should have been for the price, but it had very little depth, it just sort
  11. I agree. Nevertheless I don't think a disabled 15 year old child is a suitable subject for online abuse or ridicule.
  12. Not really sure how you come to that conclusion, it's just speculation.
  13. Rick_B

    The Hairy Bikers

    Apart from the real hardcase Hell's Angels, bikers were never really that scary. For years we had a "biker's pub" in town and although some of them may have looked a bit hard it was one of the safest pub to be in, especially at the weekend.
  14. Rick_B

    Alison Saunders

    I'm not happy about Warboys being released so early either. Nevertheless I'm also not happy about someone remaining in prison because of a tabloid paper mounting a campaign. However important newspapers think they are, and part of their job is to expose injustice, trial by tabloid should not be something we tolerate.
  15. Sorry, I think they're funny. Sorry, I find them funny.
  16. I don't think many people have described him as a nice bloke, but that's not the point. I imagine that after a couple of lines and a few shandies he was the person sat in the corner of the bar that your mates warned you to stay well clear of.
  17. I'm not really sure that The Fall are or were ever "in vogue". They are just The Fall and a bit like Marmite you either love them or hate them.
  18. He was a one off was Mark E Smith. He reportedly hired and fired around 60 members of The Fall. In reality he was The Fall, in fact he's on record as saying if it's me and your granny on bongos, it's The Fall. This is Totally Wired, enjoy.
  19. Boris is an idiot. People who take the bollox he spouts seriously are even bigger idiots. It's just self-promotion. He knows that The Maybot hasn't got the balls to sack him because she shot herself in the foot and allowed Corbyn's Labour Party to take her majority because the opinion polls were predicting a Tory landslide.
  20. And you still wont be able to get a seat on the nasty rattly little plastic units.
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