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  1. You obviously see yourself as a bit of a tough nut Jake but would you brush Covid-19 off with a cursory shrug? A COVID story doing the rounds in Glasgow was of a huge batch of industrial hand sanitizer being produced without the necessary chemical deterrents being added and it found it’s way onto the market and was consumed in record time.. Only in Glasgow...
  2. Gyms are full of narcissistic perverts,thugs and homosexuals.
  3. How do you fuck a Giraffe 🦒? Get high first.... lol.
  4. You would stick your dick in the Blowjob fish or whatever it is.... Fuck off.
  5. Try some badly prepared Fugu fish next time you go...
  6. What have these 5 cunts got in common? Philip Schofield Jimmy Somerville Tom Daley Christopher Biggins Peter Tatchell They are all in photo frames on your bedside cabinet.... lol. Fuck off etc.
  7. A student in Japan attempted to saw his own head off after failing all his exams.He was trying to atone for bringing dishonour upon his family.Despite failure with his own decapitation he gained great kudos and respect for his act of atonement. You should do something similar for running a massage parlour in your community.
  8. You could attempt to saw your own head off with a rusty hacksaw and see how far you get.
  9. A thoroughly inadequate but unsurprising response from our resident guttersnipe.
  10. Looks like we are leaving and without a deal. We’ll be fighting the Frogs in the Channel next....just like old times Vive la Guerre!
  11. I read the Telegraph every day so I can discourse on a broad range of topics.
  12. No doubt you were involved in the drugs trade yourself..... Prostitution and drugs go cap in hand. Did you supply your prostitutes with drugs?
  13. Did you behead any of the women who didn’t comply with the massage parlour working directives?
  14. What age verification checks did you make for the women working in your massage parlour or did you bother?
  15. The Gendarmerie are para-military as opposed to the local “agents des flics” who tell you to put your dogshit in the bin. A pity we don’t have a gendarmerie...
  16. I would have thought Hitler drove a gas guzzler.....
  17. I shall do exactly as I please crustacean face.
  18. If you had grouse you would prepare it by shoving it up your COVID infested civil parters arse for a week..
  19. If you went to Mexico it would be to fondle one of the donkeys..... lol.
  20. You wouldn’t have to do that for long either as news would spread quickly....
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