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  1. Prime target for a large dose of covid then, too; all that’s left of his killer cells spend their time in his dick and will never make it out in time. A stroke option doesn’t sound too bad.
  2. Oh come on LC, as a retired GP you must be aware of higher cancer rates/coronary, with extended hormonal use. You should encourage the cunt accordingly; make sure he doubles the dose every quarter.
  3. He is forced to do that. Negative demographics are forcing his hand. Even the mass production lines in mega shit holes will soon be reaching the plateau and then go down.The man is wisely planning future investments before the treasury becomes too depleted. Now every flavour counts.
  4. Invented by Punkers; sold by B&Q.
  5. 1. Dig up a few roads - they are in a poor state anyway; further excavations will make them look like Zimbabwe. 2. Burn some lorries - one could be accused of anti-migrant attitudes. And I blame you cunts for looking away too. 3. Stage a mass shit on the doorstep of No. 10 - it’s so full of shit, it’s overflowing. I’m amazed the door is still holding. Top post, but you need to up your game with some sage advice,Scrotes.
  6. Don’t take the meaning of broadsheet too literally.
  7. All alcohol products in Glasgow should come with serving suggestions.
  8. He is under the impression that gyms are rather fatal for the members and avoids such, plus probably all kinds of physical activity except for the keyboard - a well known life extension practice.
  9. Rather. Gyms are well renowned for landing users with those sorts of problems; they issue each member five five pints of Stella for starters, Big Mac combo for the workout and some slush to cool off. I thought adrenaline junkies sought out some very extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, racing, etc. Since when is the monotony of a gym such a high-producing source? Utter bollocks.
  10. He exposed a lot of charlatans and yet the daft public continued to go to the venues of those crooks. We have hardly made any progress since the medieval times, when it comes to the masses. Billions of cretins out there, freely participating in all sorts of faith/magic bollocks.
  11. Indeed. The thin, vain brigade tends to stay fit and spend their own income on fripperies. The tuskers are a public drain, especially now.
  12. Must be a walk in the park for a habitual balaclava wearer.
  13. I take those cunts over the morbidly obese, heaving, thick, diseased liabilities any time.
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