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  1. Have you seen the physical state of those blobs? Never mind downsizing to knives - I am amazed that they don’t use app based electric carving knives. Besides, carrying a large machete around London may look somewhat conspicuous, except for Hackney.
  2. Getting kitted out with a new wig and a matching pair of shoes.
  3. They may have high hopes for their new industry but the market is very saturated, with every cunt under the sun producing lorry loads of the poison. It all depends on how many cunts each side can throw under the bus to gain their market share or defend the existing one, with Afghans being only a minor nuisance to the other sharks. They are underestimating the competition.
  4. I don’t know which bit I like the most; the masterpiece of engineering, top notch wiring or that breeze block security wall. No wonder these morons are so heavily dependent on imported brains cause left to their own devices it’s back to carpet weaving and goats herding.
  5. Calling it by the proper name is absolutely right. All of these faith corporations are just that - businesses making money out of their “consumers”. In terms of corruption, sleaze and money laundering, their banks would give HSBC a run for their money.
  6. Am I imagining it or is Corbyn getting close to the through again? I was under the impression that he was put out to pasture, honing skills in the marrow enhancement.
  7. Interesting option, rather like challenge/neutralising allergy treatment.
  8. If I had to guess, they are building up a military block to fuck up Iran; the US is getting a good deal from the camelids in supplying arms to them, while possibly coming to some agreement on fixing oil prices higher which would provide a crutch for us shale and higher income in the Middle East. Qatar left opec over a year ago so it may not participate in the negotiations. Arabs are also keen to attract more foreign investment, which has declined, and get more Jews to fill the overbuilt and often under-utilised facilities.
  9. So you put it in the basket (without reading the label) and went through the checkout again without reading the label.
  10. Those bricks look like sponges rather than engineering material, hence the value offering; good for washing Punker’s bollocks with some bleach for Christmas, but hardly as a diy treatment.
  11. You do tell porkies in blankets lies. Anyway, the only way to solve these problems permanently, is to install “Idiocracy”-premiered seats with fully integrated toilets.
  12. Though I don’t always approve of the content, I must say you have a refined literary style. Do you type with a quill?
  13. Sorry, I’m not up to date with the gendry roulette.
  14. On my trip to M&S food hall today, I had the chance to peruse the meat section. Guess what I found? Both British pigs in blankets AND a chorizo version. Thus I declare this nom null and void.
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