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  1. They can generate the power - newspapers and furniture for starters, coal+gas to follow. It’s the fish we need to worry about.
  2. Have you checked your back, Frank? You will find lush carpeting sneaking in. Those pesky androgens make it so dense, no need for underlay. Do you wear a bra?
  3. After a bottle of vodka, that Harpic may become quite attractive. Stay safe.
  4. Frogs are unhappy with new regulations; it’s getting harder to move those fleets of mega hoovers into foreign waters without detection. The pesky permissions don’t cover all ships and it’s not like you can call every vessel Brigitte and get away with it. There are some distinct discrepancies. As for cutting off the power - it’s a classic example of dependence on foreign supplies of essentials. Jersey is pokey enough to generate electricity from the mothballed power station, just at higher cost. The place is not exactly full of starving residents, they will just have to scratch in their p
  5. I fully agree that water is key in the growing conflict, but it’s hard to work out how the war games may play out between all those corrupt nations. By the way - the chinks (among other large key “investments”), have stakes in Thames Water, which I would say have more angles than just plain old profiteering from British water buyers. The government have been asleep, while the cunts were making inroads into our infrastructure. And the water situation is not as plush as you think - besides more frequent future flooding, many areas, particularly in the south/south-east will be struggling with
  6. Trying to work out several possible outcomes is very difficult, as all nations involved are so utterly corrupt that it’s impossible to put together one picture that may be more plausible than the next one. Chinks navigate their foreign operations by securing favourable contracts with local governments, contracts that are completely opaque and hidden from central governments (usually until things go tits up and slopes call in the loans and take over the new infrastructure, resources, other collateral). These issues have transpired even in places one wouldn’t normally regard as a third worl
  7. It’s a good way of getting rid of your crap, without overflowing the bin. All you need to do, is set up a table and pile the stuff on top - all for free to “good homes”. In half an hour, go back and all the junk is gone. Make sure the display table is chained to the wheel, though. If you think something landed on the top by mistake, repurchase it from eBay - it will be there by noon.
  8. It’s definitely a unisex thing. However, the skinny ones also choose this type of attire, making them look like broiler poultry on the run.
  9. Cracks are indeed appearing in the dam. On top of it, the new military/water plan may help their demise. Cause of worry for India: China plans to develop defence logistics infra in Tibet 3 days Ago Kolkata: China is planning to develop a massive defence logistics infrastructure in Tibet that will turn the once independent kingdom into a military hub to dominate the Himalayas. The plans were approved during the plenary session of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) in March this year and also by the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Confer
  10. On the more positive note - cracks are appearing in the jolly, slope-embracing EU front. Although Krauts, with Merkel at the helm, are still supportive of the bell end project, older allies are drifting away and cutting ties. It’s only a matter of time before ze Germans join the pack. Their plan for world domination is slowly unraveling. Covid really fucked up their plans.
  11. If anything, it may be crows. Definitely not squirrels.
  12. Not on a Sunday morning, thanks. Imagine the state of the fleet.
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