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  1. Better call Saul.
  2. Next door (the normal ones) neighbours: she is 72, he is 62. When the rules on household mixing were relaxed last year, they invited their children to visit. Not a good idea. Both survived the COVID, but had spent a month in bed, on the edge of being carted off to the hospital. Bear in mind - this is the couple who lost their granddaughter to the flu, during the 2014/15 season, at the age of 21. You would think they would have been more cautious. Oh, and as they had received refunds on two cancelled cruises, they are now booked for a new voyage….
  3. Interesting, how the shady research got booted out of the US and landed in the “no questions - no problem” slope facility. Seems like the offshoring of making shitty toys on the cheap, has mutated into bio fuck-ups on a grand scale.
  4. Not to nitpick your eloquent argument, Jiggers, but I do need to point out that he is a politician. This type of wankery is standard procedure.
  5. The Middle East will be the next Afghanistan, once all economically-viable oil gets extracted - which will be sooner than they estimate. The whole area will resemble a parched crater, after local “issues” get finally resolved.
  6. It’s tiresome, B. All ecosystems are going to shit, due to rapacious human activity. All colonial countries participated in slavery for a cheap, pre fossil-fuels source of energy.
  7. Bottom line - it’s about making money out of the enterprise, call it a flag of convenience money spinner.
  8. Yes, there are protests around the world and rightly so. Having free access to all medical options available to prevent/treat COVID with, should be the way forward, not the fascist passport straight jacket that some governments are dishing out. Social media however, are biased in a sense of using their platforms to reel in more punters to sell advertisements to. Whichever position any government takes.
  9. White Cunt

    Squid Games

    Not bad, indeed. Slopes will do anything for a quid.
  10. If everyone is happy with the arrangement, then fine by me. It doesn’t affect me one bit.
  11. What I find amazing about the congestion charge(s), is that it didn’t bring the masses onto the streets. The massive, most expensive cars (all new, of course) are cruising as usual, with owners/chauffeurs laughing their bollocks off, while the public are stuffed into ever more overcrowded public transport; and independent tradesmen, not quite up to shelling out for the latest electric, having to eat the costs. The air is indeed the cleanest in the most affluent parts of London.
  12. I don’t think the cons will introduce mandatory/coercive vaccinations; this would be more in line with labour cronies. Cons are watching closely impact on business from these follies in places like US and Australia, and learning that withdrawing labour from the market already short of many hands to do the jobs, would be a deeper disaster to the economy than what we have now. It would also lead to more protests and even vaccinated people saying “fuck this shit”. I certainly would.
  13. I don’t see the point of arguing the data on global warming. As far as I am concerned, the data available is vast and sufficient to conclude that we are going into a new eco environment, with a huge potential of damage to crops, water cycles, animal cycles, regional climates, habitat destruction, etc. You don’t accept the data - suit yourself. It’s very boring arguing the toss about global warming, B. As for the top one percent, yes, they have a knack at manipulating the public to keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. It’s not new, but a long standing fact too. Since the dawn of civilisation in fact - give or take a few thousand years. Please tell us something we don’t know.
  14. Sorry Frank. How is your diet going?
  15. Building a mix: latest coal, nuclear and RE with storage, with focus on nuclear is my position. We have lots of nuclear waste to keep them going for a long time. Coal mining takes a lot of oil.
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