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  1. The man with two redeeming features: looking middle-aged/old from the age of twenty five and delivering an equally time-warped performance every single time. The Highlander pretty much illustrates his career.
  2. Excessive milling about with extra leering may ruffle a few feathers and get them moving. If that fails, just cut power supply.
  3. The simplest solution would be to lay off the cock for a while, and get pissed after eight (p.m.)
  4. May I suggest for you to invest in the right attire, to inform the public from afar. Here is a suggestion to translate your mental state and class in one go.
  5. White Cunt

    Channel 4

    Is channel four still around?
  6. This is quite disturbing, actually. I can imagine the discerning pretty young women, purchasing and using the products on their tender and shapely young bodies, and at the same time the nightmare of Frank soaping his spindly legs and Punkers furiously soaping his arse hole in preparation for the summer festival. What really makes it a given, is the keen adherence of those two fussed individuals to purloining the higher end of beauty range in pursuit of their hygiene regime…
  7. Forget Ape, stop buying now, start buying come this winter as our energy supplies may affect local water supplies. This should give you enough bitching material to carry on with and it’s not that fictitious, either. We are seriously fucked going forward with energy, unless enough coal is put into action (explain this to the green wankers when they freeze in the dark) and new nuclear plants come online. Currently it’s too little of everything to keep the country going. I might keep that water and my generator under my mattress.
  8. I think this idea had been extensively explored before, but had fallen out of favour with the post-war public. Bear in mind that the hides would be much larger nowadays and perhaps the luggage and furniture industry could find the right application for those Human Resources. The soap will get the stamp of approval of the green factions if you put organic essential oils into it. I’m not that fussy, so a strong cologne perfume is fine, as long as it’s triple-milled and comes wrapped up in tissue and in nice packaging.
  9. Stop buying bottled water, ffs. Power cuts are scheduled for this winter.
  10. That’s customer service.
  11. Here is another example of turning customers into a great source of income & pliable shopping robots, while mining their data, selling the collected data, spying on them, destroying payment privacy (and shopping anonymity) and leaving it wide open to hacking, (currently going through the roof), and simultaneously removing the supermarket jobs that keep many people employed throughout the country. Fuck them; it will be only farm shops for the WC lot, as I can see the new system spreading to every cunt supermarket. https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2021/07/19/morrisons-latest-to-launch-ai-powered-checkout-free-store-system/
  12. Indeed. I can’t see why they should be using western fabrics in their swimming gear. Shouldn’t they be made out of halal sack cloth and metal wire for extra modesty?
  13. Indeed. He is back reloading his cancer empire; Bezos will probably be back too. But I’m keeping my hopes up.
  14. Hard to say, but next time the wall catches the fire, it will be due to a container load of large candles and plastic ornaments.
  15. London is a cesspit; in the seventies and eighties, it still had some old, disused docks and old warehouses, which eventually got converted to housing, but it had a lot of character in most areas, not just the priciest ones. As the volumes of savages increased, it went further and further down the shitter, even with cosmetic improvements it became a complete cunt city. The wealthy zones have tinted garbage with deep pockets and the piss poor are overloaded with dingy trash and assorted “tradesmen” at a dozen to a hovel. Khan is a cunt. Drop him a few loads next time.
  16. I had a black cat I called Brixton (really). The admin lady at the vet’s was not impressed, as I recall.
  17. Electric vehicles being exempt from paying the road tax is another classic. Like they perhaps hover over them and don’t use the infrastructure. The extortion on CE, particularly older ones entering the “zone” in London and soon other places is another piss taking law. Fuck that.
  18. Now there will be a queue of loaded fuckwits, following in the trend, willing to drop hundreds of thousands of pounds on a ticket.
  19. I was going to suggest the Amazon jungle, but as its so far away, the Tower Hamlets after nine will do the job just as well.
  20. Too many to serve their crappy economy.
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