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  1. 😆sold!!!!!!! Chelsea cunts have more money than sense, what a soppy cunt
  2. You should have stopped at “As a cunt”
  3. Er yes, and not because of this! Just because, soppy Cunt
  4. Sandbanks but it’s now under offer to some shitcunt footballer, who wants to live near Arry
  5. You’ve just described every Cunt on this site Goobs
  6. Couldn’t have put it better myself, actually I could have! Prick
  7. Bothered! No not really, now fuck off
  8. Just arrived back in old blitey (shit hole), glad to see not a lot has changed, you lot are still massive cunts, just saying
  9. Actually you’re correct, however chez fatty has a fence and a gate, no local cunts allowed
  10. Fuck Boris, planes fuelled and ready to go
  11. I’ll support everyone if required with my small change, anyway I’m off to the Bahamas tomorrow so fuck the lot of you: Seyaa peasants
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