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  1. Fuck you Scrote, nothing wrong with back scuttling Welsh tarts, I warned him about sheep shagging, didn’t listen though!!!
  2. Agreed, except for the bit where you say “we are not total cunts”, believe me you are all total cunts!
  3. Eddie, Eddie, who the fuck is Eddie
  4. Spreading the virus on Tinder
  5. No idea who the fuck you are but begrudgingly I agree with you! Now fuck off
  6. Is this what you cunts have descended to while I’ve been away???? Ffs CUNTS
  7. “When ever else will I else” you illiterate cunt, please refrain from posting utter shite, if Stickers or Eddie spot this you’ll be toast. Now fuck off!
  8. Actually MC, as much as I’d love to Cunt you off, you have fucking nailed it, this doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re a cunt by the way
  9. Who actually cares, they’re all Cunts, are you a farmer?
  10. Did you get your Mc Donald’s???
  11. Low of IQ, mmmmmm, I guess you’re fucked then, good job, now fuck off
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