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  1. I’m not sure you’ve still got it in you, washed up old boomer cunt.
  2. Possibly. It’s spread to every other part of your body.
  3. I haven’t seen them in months. They were both complaining of a fever and light cough. There’s a foul odour coming from their bedrooms. I assume they both went back to their parents and forgot to throw away their food.
  4. Eddie, I’m thinking of replacing my front door. You haven’t seen any good ones lying around have you?
  5. Bill,  what the fuck is happening?

  6. That and the thinly veiled anti semitism.
  7. You like him? Which other theories of his are you fond of? Reptilian overlords, reality being a hologram, the Babylonian brotherhood, homeopathy, vitamin woo, vaccine denial, AIDS denial, water fluoridation, Big Pharma conspiracies, Global warming denial, wearing tin foil head gear, or him being the son of god?
  8. What are your thoughts on the recent reintroduction of hairy little beavers to the UK’s wild rivers stubby? Good for the balance of the ecosystem? There’s probably a joke in here somewhere about Roops’ minge but I can’t think of it.
  9. Bill Stickers

    Button Moon

    Paper Clips? During a particularly low blood sugar episode, are you sure your diabetic brain didn’t mistake them for ‘potato chips’, causing you to eat the lot, you fat cunt?
  10. Bill Stickers

    Button Moon

    It’s interesting to see Eric’s metamorphosis - from a naive newbie, baited by Frank in his first week into a full blown meltdown - to a piece of rancid old furniture, expecting people to beg him to stay as he flounces out. His self-perceived standing among corner heavyweights may have changed, but his mental fragility certainly hasn’t. What a total fucking cunt.
  11. Stubby you really have become a parody of your former self. A fat, angry little Luddite who gets his ring piece battered by Roops on a near daily basis. Have you considered early retirement?
  12. Bill Stickers

    Button Moon

    Self absorbed bollocks, fuck off you soppy cunt.
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