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  1. Stubby Pecker


    Drink drain cleaner you stupid fucking cunt
  2. Says something about our society that fuckwits will spunk 28 million on a pointless and selfish thing yet some poor cunts rely on food banks
  3. Jesus fucking Christ; short skirt and no knickers in this heat. Must be like two ginger squirrels wrestling in clam chowder
  4. I pity you Ed; you’ve got to show her the hairy side of your hand once in a while. Her minge must be like a Venus flytrap for that cock of yours. Let it go man
  5. My cock fucking stinks- Do you want to suck it or would a fresh shite in your mouth be better?
  6. I’ll be you’ve taken more than 6 in your time. Im not talking about inches of cock up yer arse but 6 angry darkies as once
  7. I’m going to insist I get my second jab right in the bellend and PM you a photo of my swollen japseye
  8. It’s probably because there’s no darkies in the scotch team or for that matter in the whole of scotchland- it’s too fucking cold and the natives are fucking cunts Im guessing the taffs will though. I hope it not only gets booed but starts a full scale riot with all the players killed. Football is for irons, gays and cunts
  9. You utter homosexual The shittest music of all time
  10. That’s what would happen if pen and gyps went out for 10 pints and a madras then farted at the same time lol
  11. Why wouldn’t you? It’s proven to stop you getting bat flu. Even if it’s not a significant threat it will stop you passing it on a some other cunt who it could kill.
  12. Black thugs simply like killing each other and generally making every other cunts life a misery. Take this BLM bollocks for example. It’s all the fault of our endemically racist society and legacy of colonialism of course with no mention of them being unteachable savages obsessed with promiscuity, violence, money and vile fried chicken
  13. Stubby Pecker


    Fuck euthanasia, mandatory execution is what’s needed. And a painful one to boot
  14. Agreed. Popular music on the whole if fucking shite; watered down inoffensive grey mush for the masses of fuckwits to sing along to. You have to dig deep to find stuff that challenges this norm. It’s no surprise that a limp wristed weakling like frank listens the gayest fucking shite imaginable. His spunk addled brain doesn’t even have to think
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