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  1. The only thing “wearing thin” are pens dozen pairs of XXL floral bloomers that struggle against the laws of nature to contain a cock that would split a Holstein Friesian in two
  2. Just round up all the fatties, nonces, druggies, piss heads, neo nazis, jihadi rag heads, general cunts and the poor. Burn those cunts in the power stations and we’ll have endless clean fuel till 2121
  3. Swingers nights round your gaff probably involve a can of pedigree chum and a roll of poo bags you dirty crufts wanking cunt
  4. What for calling judgie a Satan worshiping, baby eating nonce or was there another one I missed?
  5. The massive homo was lurking here the other day- I guess Roops, the evil cunt, is prolonging the torture by allowing him to log in but not post
  6. Scuzzlebutt From Southpark you daft Albanian phone using cunt
  7. Indeed. Looking the garlic smelling cunts straight in the eye as we erect a Royal Navy blockage of steel across the channel meaning the smelly, thieving, swarthy, dingy riding cunts have to stay frog side will be priceless. They’ll revert to type by crying, moaning and generally acting like the snooty fucking cunts they are, until of course, they need the help of the big boys. If we’d have delayed Overlord for a year or two, perhaps the Hun would have gassed the fuckers along with the degos, wops, spics and wogs
  8. Pen will die in a squalid council care home or more likely in her/his/it’s equally squalid council house
  9. I’m glad you’ve pointed out this obvious fact. He’s a screaming, cum farting fucking homo and no doubt- more than likely spends his spare time feltching the likes of Robbie Williams, Barrymore and Punkape. I’m just waiting for the little boy buggering revelation to surface. He was huge mates with Max Clifford, a dirty fucking nonce who deserved to be clubbed to mush with twin claw hammers and his twitching body set alight
  10. That’s not actually far from the truth most of the time. Standard non chinky snot and coughing this time Maybe if pen had got vaccinated long ago perhaps she wouldn’t be childless and such a lonely, housebound freak destined for a completely forgettable death
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