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  1. It’s a good film, for a yank one
  2. Absolutely, and die a happy cunt
  3. Make sure she plucks her ginormous eyebrows and gurt hairy stench trench first- unless you less going in with a jungle machete
  4. I still cannot fathom how the fuck this cunt faced little shite was once married to one of the most beautiful and truly fuckable creatures on planet earth... Padma Lakshmi- I’d drink her piss and use her shit for toothpaste
  5. No need you soppy cunt- Mings “buried” in the deep freeze lol
  6. It was ironic and sarcastic. I would have thought your private education would have allowed you to work that out. I guess you missed too much of class sucking off the other boys, teachers, janitor and passers by you fucking pig shit thick cunt
  7. We had most of it once but the natives turned it into an uninhabited shitpit when we kindly released them from the whip. Its too fucking hot and full a nasty creepy crawlies. Plus it would take ages to kill the surplus dusky chaps and women are 99% unfuckable
  8. I basically said the same thing about an hour ago but in a much better way, yet you garner 2 fucking likes? It’s so unfair and I so hate you.
  9. Spot on and out of likes. I’d definitely let you eat one of my better turds You fucking whore. God knows what you’ll be offering him next. You do know he’s riddled with bad AIDS, a proper African dose...
  10. No, it was Quincy Cockfingers catch phrase, as an ironic jab at harking back to the good old days. That cunt was everyone’s fucking hero. Check out his blithering booze and drug fueled efforts, pure class
  11. You’re wasting your time Rasycunt; we’ve all tried to goad the cockroach limbed twat into a worthwhile nomination directed at “the cunts of the world” yet the useless cunt hasn’t got it in him. I think roops must have him chew on her fishy old flaps as carte blanche to act the pointless cunt he has since 2015 Stay tuned for another Rocky video
  12. With Harolds voluminous arsehole I wager he could cum fart a good hours worth of Soviet era tunes, painting a picture of Cor-bin in the process
  13. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me
  14. 27 million spunked and gold, diamonds, shit cars and drugs. How much of this massive fortune will actually go into improving the lives of kids who are destined for the gutter the second they’re conceived? I’d say fuck all.
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