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  1. The days of lies, intrigue and vendettas... The memories bring a tear to my japs eye.
  2. So fucking what. Europe in particular is vastly over populated. My only wish is that it would start killing more. Starting with you
  3. “Enjoy tucking into a bit of sheep”? I bet you do when stumbling out of the pub after 12 pints and a couple of lines off the bog seat- those saucy bleetings the other side of the hedgerows in your rural home are too much to resist You filthy sheep buggering fen monkey peasant
  4. With any luck, due to the ignorance and narcissism of the Donald and the gullible stupidity of the 75m god fearin’ kin folk who voted for him, bat flu will wipe most of them out. Fuck me the yanks are cunts
  5. I like to oven cook my quorn in tin foil. Once done I then make a stylish hat to keep out the lizard mind control rays
  6. Stubby Pecker


    It’s just natures way of thinning out the human fucking herd. The human strain needs culling right back. Good old uncle Joe “infamous butcher- Angel of death” I know a nice little ditty about him. One a rattys pin up boys
  7. Actually it was homemade quorn shepherds pie shared with my lovely wife and 2 children, after a 6 mile run Your suggestion of my cheap and nasty meal for one speaks volumes about yourself
  8. You’re obviously a sock puppet of one of the deeply unfunny sad cunts here, probably one of admins ideas. Why they’ve decided to drag you up again, fuck knows. As for seeing the back of you, I’d like to stab a pick axe through yours, you stupid fucking wanker
  9. Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world yet the people are starving and have little basic healthcare. Good old socialism...
  10. Some one in the know will see fit to make his name known. I'm sure there'll be a long queue of people wanting to crush his skull with an iron bar. Should have been drown at birth.
  11. Never mind self flagellation when it comes to the lovely Jessica. @Neil@Revyour approach to a romantic evening with her?
  12. Stubby Pecker


    Unequal class based system? You fucking idiot. Even if was, there are far too many poor, feckless and uneducated scumbags in this country that we could do with a cull reaching into the millions.
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