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  1. Agree. A colossal waste of money and pointless further trashing of our countryside. I'm sure pen has a footlong boner propping up her floral size XXL skirt every time its mentioned on the news.
  2. If you two wankers are in some kind of contest to see who can post the most pointless fucking drivel the internet has ever seen then we could be here for a while. I hope you both die soon.
  3. Stubby Pecker


    You and Ape seem to have launched into some kind of war/vendetta. I understand you're half pissed most of the time and he's high on polystyrene cement but both these factors can't explain such cuntish behavior
  4. In a sober state I'd rather fuck Jack Elam in the eye socket than go within 100 yards of the gammon flaps of these swamp pigs.
  5. The cricket ground in Perth make me think of Roops- I'd like to Whack-her
  6. Rattled you cry baby grassing homo
  7. Stubby Pecker


    Nice work uncle Ape. I miss the frenzied ranting of MC as it always provoked a reaction from the usual's, including reams of dull shit from Roops. But not as much as old quincy, the filthy scat obsessed cunt. Any newbie here should familiarize themselves with his output as way of a tutorial on how to conduct oneself here at CC.
  8. I thought covid showed us that those with the "mearest" touch of the tar brush are basically fucked if they get it, or at least that was the unshakable truth being trotted out in the early day (at the same time as BLM, funny that). If this is the case, why isn't this raging through Africa? As far as I've heard the Caribbean has been virtually untouched. Could it simply be that those of an ethnic hue who croaked it here were fat, unhealthy or old?
  9. Punkers is a 100% committed bender- fact. While we may embellish the true somewhat as to his cottaging and bukkake party romps, its all got some element of truth i.e. he's a poof
  10. The only way to get the gerbils (or is it hamsters?) out of your wrong 'un is to send in the ferrets. If they don't come out it'll be like the old lady whop swallowed a fly song. Plenty of room up there for a grizzly bear. You disgusting homosexual.
  11. I’d like to repeatedly smash a breeze block dipped in liquid badger shit over your stupid fucking head
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