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  1. I’ve already mentioned I’d enjoy watching you burnt to death
  2. You’ve slept with many a John And a Steve, Rob, Dave, Antonio, Mbangwa, Leroy etc etc
  3. Yes, so was I 48 hours in the punkape memorial wing for typing shit that frank does regularly, with impunity Who remembers Propers hissy fit when the daft cunt reset the rules and banned frank for good?
  4. The consensus of opinion here is that you’re a colossal dick head who brings zero to this shit. fuck off out of it
  5. The strange thing is that Franks been married to Ming now for 20 years. She died in 2016 but he drags her out of the deep freeze on special occasions and when he finds cheep viagra
  6. I fucking hope so. Who can forget Eric vs Stickers on platform 3. Made Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris look like Two toddlers If it’s on, you bring the weed and I’ll bring the booze. We’ll run a book and make a killing, assuming you northern savages are allowed to leave your sub arctic homelands
  7. You Sir, have impeccable taste in music. These lads are a big fave of the pecker and I saw them a couple of years ago opening for Bad Religion. I was due to see them this summer in Bristol but thanks to bat flu... Maybe next year
  8. You’re definitely a brownhatter, indulged with all colours not just black
  9. Whoops. Even so, we all know who it’s aimed at and it seems, for Frank at least, abusing wives is now fare game. One thing we can all imagine- your wife indulging in a ton of cock, most of it Black, to make up for a simpering poof like you. For all we know she slit her wrists after 5 years in your company lol
  10. The precedent has been set with his mean hearted abuse of poor Mrs Ape. I won’t be banned or the post even edited
  11. Punkape and his civil partner making a few quid
  12. CC alert: Harold the Stupid has woken up and is now binge posting on every nomination even though the thick cunt has nothing humorous or relevant to add
  13. That’s the kind shit I dream about....
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