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    Mostly carnal, usual stuff, handcuffs, spitting on it, gurgling...that sort of thing.

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  1. Hokey Gingers

    Will Young

    She uses the exact same grip on Punkape`s cock...
  2. He`s right about getting used to it though. We all comply in rolling our eyes or shrugging our shoulders, shout stuff at the tv or squeeze the remote to death in a race whilst trying to change the channel asap before some hideous image displays itself in our homes. The only answer is not to watch. God knows where we`ll be in 50 yrs time, love is love and the heart wants what the heart wants. Isn`t that right Dapple...Fido...random farm animal....
  3. Whitey will be to blame rest assured... some great bargains on Natal Gumtree..4 fridge freezers and he`ll throw in the forktruck...
  4. .If there was a competition every four years to see who had the best robbers or looters who would win the cup?
  5. If you had hooks on that cunt can you imagine the amount of mackerel you`d be bringing aboard?
  6. If only Marcus could have warned them of the systemic racist society that awaits them before they left....
  7. Even as was sat in the ring on his beaten ass he was still shouting death threats and disrespecting his opponents wife and family. Some of the dubious Dublin company he hangs around with must be rubbing off on him. Besides,everybody knows Paddy wins fuck all in July...
  8. I though it was awful, nothing happened. Even the bellend that is Mark Kermode said it was shite. Aimless Hollywood dross.
  9. I`ve always regarded Margaret as the benchmark really, Pfizer say it can be done with blackout curtains, silence and a tablet the size of a Weetabix.
  10. Cripes. A simple Hello would have sufficed. Punkape, if you`ve been wondering what`s on the tip of your tongue i`m afraid it`s Spots arsehole. Three likes in a row you horrendous crawler?? Get a grip man, what would Seve say..
  11. Policing in the US must be a vocation.
  12. I`m afraid taking the knee still looks a bit too aggressive and colonial to me.. ( re. Zulu..front rank fire...etc.) so i suggest a more Ashleigh and Pudsey approach. The Ref could be Ashleigh and the players could roll over on their backs and do tricks like Pudsey the dog, they won BGT a while back. This could be done again on the restart and the final whistle as you can`t get enough of millionaires selling themselves for virtue. They can`t stand the sight of a bottle of coca cola but they`ll grovel to BLM marxists. Naplam was invented for these cunts..
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