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  1. Remember to book a seat & lifejacket for that Catweasel cunt Lineker TF, or get Banksy to paint one on the narrow faced hur...
  2. What sort of "men" are these starlets banging now, i mean, she dropped a mobile phone on the dozy cunt`s head. Sean Connery God bless `im would have simply got up, give her a straightener, not on the face..well maybe on the face, drank the rest of the vodka ,forcibly made up , shagged relentlessly to dawn, all sorted and no mention of Plod. I fucking despair...
  3. Yeah, Punkape applied and got a grant for a weights bench...
  4. Fishburne`s complection is a fucking disgrace, as a lad the blackheads must have been sitting on him like rock cakes.
  5. "“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” the former vice president said during a campaign event in Texas on Monday. "All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”
  6. The other saturday morning there was a rerun i assume of a dating show on channel four, two men who looked exactly like each other flirting and mincing and it was only 11:30 am. Saturday morning tv come a long way from Zorro and Champion the Wonder Horse. UK TV 2020, what a shit show.
  7. For fucks sake somebody....anybody...petrol has never been so cheap..
  8. It`s a fascinating topic BC and old as time itself. If your interested this article may be of some help...Read Me.
  9. Edward old friend i feel events are gathering pace and quite soon we will swallowed up in a bloodletting spree and breakdown of our society. There`s a storm coming, we can see it, touch it , it`s here. I`ve gathered together a few things which i think are worth saving and plan to bury them in a " caucasian time capsule " in my local job centre, they`ll never look there. Space is the limiting factor but i`ve threw in an empty Guinness bottle, a bag of dulse, a flat cap and the entire digital back catalogues of Rocco Siffredi and Buttman.
  10. " but why do you need to own a semi automatic sporting rifle??"
  11. " Why do they never steal books?" Paul J Watson.
  12. He started on the BBC doing kids programmes and it looked like he was being groomed for the top. I`m unsure as to what transpired, i could hazard a guess he was bitch slapped by a Scottish child for that fucked up giggle he does but the upshot was he ran out & bought himself a Bullworker and transfomed himself from unlikable wanker into a detestable muscle bound gymoak. The kids couldn`t relate to him anymore as he was both imposing and threatening yet obviously poofy and camp. mixed messages, like a clown with a smiley face, you know its sinister and fake . Anyway, he moved to that other
  13. I`m just glad we got the rainbow back, hijacked by Steven Slackring and Diana Dildo and their ilk it`s great to see the multicoloured promise from God they`d never be another flood returned to its rightful place as harmless childs painting.assignment...and that...
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