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  1. In fairness you can`t see her Adam`s apple...good job Burger King.
  2. I`m afraid i can`t listen to Peter Hitchens for any longer than a few sentences. As he speaks an annoying whistle develops and the interview sounds less and less relevant and more like to a sheep dog trial. It`s definitely emanating from his mouth, i`m unsure if a well aimed Doctor Marten would cure it but i`m willing to try....
  3. What an ungrateful bunch of bastards. You can see them doing the mental arithmetic as they remove the wrapping paper calculating what they spent on you, the outstanding difference and how many presents are left. What they don`t see is the twenty minute wait in the queue the thoughtful and discerning purchaser has made at Poundland or BM Bargains. Blister packs are covid proof and is it my fault Sony don`t shrink wrap Playstation 5`s ? Christ almighty your Grandfather got an orange for Christmas ffs. Accept it for what it is, it`s the thought that counts and cheers for that McCallan 30 year old
  4. I`m afraid these dark days are getting to me Edward, so to lighten the mood i`ve taken to screaming " It`s.........t i m e !" ala MMA`s fight announcer Bruce Buffer every time i go for a number 2. So far so good old friend..
  5. I watched 30 Days of Night again recently and i must say it does give a very relatable view of Johnny Foreigner. "God ??.......no God."
  6. I don`t really know the answers to those posers Decs, the best i can do is my all time favourite boxer who was Tommy Hearns. If you`ve got 20 mins watch Joe Rogan discuss Tyson with Teddy Atlas.
  7. A wonderful human being...
  8. In the spirit of togetherness and forgiveness perhaps we should cut Joe some slack. CNN and the BBC have said he`s won so it must be so. Joe is thrilled to be finally in the "big chair" and by all accounts is looking forward to meet Mr. Brezhnev, the leader of "......you know....the place..." also apparently John, Paul & Ringo have arranged a photo op on top of the World Trade Centre to celebrate the momentous win. The boys, Hunter & Jim were staying at their Granny`s (cough...don`t fucking ask, the mainstream media didn`t...) over election time but as that friendly Mr.Jinping has offe
  9. She`s adorable you bastards, lovely and sweet, as American as apple pie and Bushmasters...a rose blooming starkly in a septic tank of so called "journalists". I`ll bet right now she could do with a little tonic, a pick me up, so with that in mind Kayleigh log on to myoldchap.com ( one word ) search for member10362734526 (moi😎) kick back and rub one out, leave a like👍 Get Well Soon Hun...
  10. Remember to book a seat & lifejacket for that Catweasel cunt Lineker TF, or get Banksy to paint one on the narrow faced hur...
  11. What sort of "men" are these starlets banging now, i mean, she dropped a mobile phone on the dozy cunt`s head. Sean Connery God bless `im would have simply got up, give her a straightener, not on the face..well maybe on the face, drank the rest of the vodka ,forcibly made up , shagged relentlessly to dawn, all sorted and no mention of Plod. I fucking despair...
  12. Yeah, Punkape applied and got a grant for a weights bench...
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