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  1. Well..." They`ll always hit you and hurt you, defend and attack, there`s only one way to beat them, get round the back.." On a serious note Lex, just confirm.. was she white??
  2. I`m well aware he cant rap worth a damn and he likes his Mars Bars dipped in other melted Mars Bars with a Mars Bar garnish but on this topic ( he likes them too ) he`s bang on..
  3. " Alex, Thierry is here for the interview...
  4. This is the actual image of Dappy, short for Costadinos Contostavlos. Surely "Costa" was the obvious choice for a nickname or "Cont" but obviously didn`t occur to his numbskull peers. He moistened many a pantie back in the day with his cheeky sideways cap and toothy foreign grin. I wet my boxers too at the sight of him hopping around like a tattooed Jar Jar Binks as well as that hysterical tough guy persona. One word, fail.
  5. I haven`t really spoken about this as it`s still quite painful and raw but the Vikings regularly violated our community. The bastards hadn`t the common decency to steal ( or shag ) our womenfolk hence the recent popularity in my area of Romanian brides ( markedly less body & facial hair and no gingers ) Also they have a waist which unless your Freddy fucking Krugger is the only way your getting your arm around a local lass. Anyway, i`m willing to let bygones be bygones for as long as Carlsberg supply us with beer, not that pilsner shite your currently hawking but the full fat stuff we all
  6. I hope old FO got the project finished...it`s just a shame he didn`t run over the Frank cunt. Asi es la vida..
  7. It`s a sad day when a grossly unattractive obese man can`t convey his attraction for a member of the opposite sex by beaching himself on top of her and sticking his tongue in her ear. I`d call that the "first move" ffs....
  8. Agreed W&D, weak and insipid indeed. Jinger isn`t though.
  9. Panz old bean, there`s a fanciful, and i`m sure baseless, rumour currently circulating that you are prancing around Bogland with a cut out picture of Steven Gerrard stuck down the crack of your arse. Also, you`ve taken to wearing Royal Blue keks with "55" emblazoned across them when doing the milking. Can it be true?
  10. Nonsense...don`t you think he`s bringing sexy back OC ??
  11. In fairness it`s been a while since i was at a party but if any of these cunts appeared at mine they`d be out the fucking door pronto. The old poker players from back in the day had something about them, personality and an aura of showbiz celebrity before it was diluted down to where if you were on telly 5 minutes you were a "legend" . This new crop of charisma free millenials have zero, hiding behind scarfs and hoodies all the while fidgeting with chips and showing no emotion. Their partners must be a confused bunch, " Sweetie have you come yet?" " Why yes, twenty minutes ago, i`m just enjoyi
  12. In fairness you can`t see her Adam`s apple...good job Burger King.
  13. I`m afraid i can`t listen to Peter Hitchens for any longer than a few sentences. As he speaks an annoying whistle develops and the interview sounds less and less relevant and more like to a sheep dog trial. It`s definitely emanating from his mouth, i`m unsure if a well aimed Doctor Marten would cure it but i`m willing to try....
  14. What an ungrateful bunch of bastards. You can see them doing the mental arithmetic as they remove the wrapping paper calculating what they spent on you, the outstanding difference and how many presents are left. What they don`t see is the twenty minute wait in the queue the thoughtful and discerning purchaser has made at Poundland or BM Bargains. Blister packs are covid proof and is it my fault Sony don`t shrink wrap Playstation 5`s ? Christ almighty your Grandfather got an orange for Christmas ffs. Accept it for what it is, it`s the thought that counts and cheers for that McCallan 30 year old
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