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    Mostly carnal, usual stuff, handcuffs, spitting on it, gurgling...that sort of thing.

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  1. We don`t judge here Wolfie, just send it back.
  2. Ruth and Eamonn are currently hawking foot spas on telly at the moment. Glamorous Ruth has her feet out demonstrating how it works , sadly her plates are so mottled the red nail varnish and soft lens make it look like a scene out of Carry on Screaming. Wisely, and thankfully, Eamonn didn`t get his out but you can see them walking together supposedly invigorated after the spa. It`s at this point you notice fatty walks with his foot turned in so much its a miracle he can walk straight at all. Keyser Soze cunt..
  3. Poor people around the world seem to be thin whereas poor people in the UK are quite fat.
  4. Obviously you`ve never heard "Men behind the Wire" RK, makes Lennon & Cohen look like rank amateurs, it makes me want to give Lizzy a good kick up the arse and i`m in the Black ffs..
  5. On this occasion i suspect your getting both...
  6. Held their goggles up . They were notoriously short sighted as proven by missing of all things an aircraft carrier. Those swords were another waste of time against Bofors guns....
  7. I`ll bet tonights Shepherd Neame`s Parker is a top 5......
  8. till the cows come home....
  9. He`s unwatchable too, every video is crammed so many innuendos he makes Julian Clary look like Captain Gravitas. " Double pricks" and "jelly wooblers" indeed. Stop speaking out the side of your gob and filming yourself from behind your fucking ornaments you spikey haired lump of shite.
  10. Hmmm...that whole 10 in a row thing..some of them took it quite badly.
  11. Hokey Gingers

    Will Young

    She uses the exact same grip on Punkape`s cock...
  12. He`s right about getting used to it though. We all comply in rolling our eyes or shrugging our shoulders, shout stuff at the tv or squeeze the remote to death in a race whilst trying to change the channel asap before some hideous image displays itself in our homes. The only answer is not to watch. God knows where we`ll be in 50 yrs time, love is love and the heart wants what the heart wants. Isn`t that right Dapple...Fido...random farm animal....
  13. Whitey will be to blame rest assured... some great bargains on Natal Gumtree..4 fridge freezers and he`ll throw in the forktruck...
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