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  1. I knew it was,I've dressed in a nice black and white vertical striped top and been standing at a bus stop for fucking hours but as yet no cunt has tried to stab me or shoot me,honestly whats the point of a day of remembrance if no cunt is going to acknowledge.
  2. As a player I cant slag him off,as a 'chip on the shoulder' crybaby, BLM,Lewis Hamilton loving,Lenny Henry type arsecunt then he can fuck off back to Jamaica(but not before someone kneels on his neck).
  3. I heard this and he was spot on and I found myself warming to the cunt......then he went on a fucking 'oh woe is me' blacks are treated badly,no black managers blah,blah fucking blah and I soon remembered why I despise the cunt.
  4. Well she's obviously very good at it then,what have you been told about missing taking your tablets? It makes you act like a twat so stop forgetting and maybe you'll post something relevant. Good day.
  5. John Terry is a ficking diddy,and a horrible cunt at that.His missus and mum are both shoplifting still despite the cunt being worth millions.
  6. I'm not sure how we got here but fuck it,I've had a hard day
  7. Why? Would that seal the deal?
  8. Do you want to suck my dick?
  9. Yes,he's the brother that they hid in the attic and fed pondwater and sexually abused for fun.
  10. Where? The sidecar or his sphincter?
  11. Its quite ironic that the 'fans' think they've defeated the greed in football whilst carrying on paying £90 to watch a match of 22 millionaires acting like spoilt cunts.Games gone.
  12. I've got one,I named it 'Desire'
  13. I think she does the best impression of a spacker that I've ever seen,I defy anyone to sound anymore like a spastic than she manages,I wonder what she really speaks like?
  14. Well with Chelsea and City pulling out at least Arsenal will finish 10th and not 12th!
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