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  1. I think it was all a bit of a rush because the cunts made the driver stop at Macdonalds on the way,as for the 2 of them in the same ambulance,do we have articulated ambulances these days?
  2. These cunts have a story today where 400 wedding guests were rumbled by the old bill flouting Covid rules,it happened in Stamford Hill and rather than just saying that Charedi Jews were involved and what a bunch of cunts they are it just states that Stamford Hill is home to the largest group of yids in the country.Now imagine that if it were 400 of any other race or group whether they would have stated that? Would they bollocks! .They would have faced outrage and accused of racism wouldn't they? Cunts
  3. Remind me of the question?
  4. They missed the bit that reads-'Loves to take it up the arse'
  5. Why are you surprised? This is the medium that made stars of the likes of Jordan,Jeremy Kyle,Rylan Clark & Keith cunting Lemon.Do what I do,turn the cunt off
  6. Its somewhat ironic that when he committed murder the police were met with a wall of silence.
  7. Neil


    I wonder if his ghost will haunt us?
  8. I've no doubt you're up for a bit of an easy pink or a tight brown
  9. Back on subject,I imagine some of you cunts got a hard on with the final scene in the ad. Bumders
  10. If that comes on my telly I'm kicking the fucking screen in. I hope this turns out to bite the cunts on the arse and sales fall and they lose money,In fact I call on all normal people to boycott purchasing these arse eggs,that'll fucking learn the gay cunts.
  11. Neil

    The PGA

    Bee Jay Singh Hand Relief Goosen Davis Love The turd Martin Gaymer Harry Hardon
  12. Neil

    The PGA

    "We're going to help Justin,to educate him so he can be a better person" "What he did was unacceptable and we're here to help him move forward and not be homophobic" What heinous crime did Justin Thomas commit?. Called himself a 'faggot' under his breath when he missed an easy putt. Now every fucking lily livered PC cunt in the golf world is clambering over themselves to look hip by condemning his behaviour. What a bunch of cunts/pussies/fags/queers they really are,soon we'll all have our jaws wired shut to avoid saying anything that offends these cunts.Grow some bollocks you f
  13. Oh yes,the best £45,000 the Arsenal ever spent."Unipart(clap,clap,clap) Unipart!"
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