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  1. Neil

    Alex Scott

    Fucking brilliant, I may even ry to find it on catch-up and play the moment the slag finds out in slow motion just to see if I can catch the exact moment her over priviliged smug dyke face realises that she and her family are not the solution but the problem.
  2. Agreed but it's still better than the original
  3. Welcome to Tottenham(Edited Version,not written by a privileged little cunt) by Giovanni Rose Welcome to Tottenham. Where we wake up to the smell of weed Mixed with the odour of the curry from the night before. Where we cover our blood stained streets with county lines gangs Where kids have holes in their last pairs of Nike's so they need to steal some from JB Sports Where daddy left mummy and mummy didnt even catch his name. Welcome to Tottenham. Where if you look like me then it’s danger for you, Where everybody’s equal because they're all darker than you. Where the police see colour because there's so many of them Where children get stopped and searched and aren’t allowed to ask why the police confiscate their knives and drugs Welcome to Tottenham. Where the drugs addicts sit at the back of the 149 having got on without paying Where education and sports are ways to shine, Unless you're black and then it can be shoes as well Where they ride around on scooters stolen from hard working white boys Where we can’t afford KFC so the streets are our ways to make money Welcome to Tottenham. I love but I hate my home, I still listen to the voicemails of my dead drug dealers in my phone that I nicked off an 8 year old kid I live in a nightmare. I had to learn how to rob, I’m afraid to open up the shop because it'll get looted and burnt down Welcome to Tottenham. The devil’s playground. We fight in the streets we don’t own, Knife crimes on the rise because rastas need to keep on shivving Why does no one understand that we just want our ghetto back, Why do they claim they’re not racist because everyone knows blacks cant be racist? Welcome to Tottenham.
  4. The little racist cunt needs jailing,If a white kid wrote along those lines he'd be fucking slaughtered.
  5. Deffo, his name translates to Tommy Up the arse, right up to the bollocks
  6. Everyone's a fucking poof these days, Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer last Friday night reeled the sausage jockeys out one after the other. Joe Lycett, Alan Carr and a plethora of others all too fond of the cock. The whole fucking platform of media and TV is fucking plagued by them. What chance of the youth of today got of growing up normal when they are force fed this shit on a daily basis. There was a John Lewis ad in the middle of all this bumfoolery showing a kid of about 6 made up like one of those cunts on Drag Race mincing around in a fucking tutu. The world's fucked.
  7. Neil

    Squid Games

    You liked it then? That figures. Black Mirror shits all over it.
  8. Neil

    Squid Games

    Anyone associated with football is clueless and lacking in morals ie that Southgate cunt.
  9. Neil

    Squid Games

    I have absolutely no fucking idea what you're on about, are you still coming down after going on a bender following your 2nd 0-0 bore draw?
  10. Neil

    Squid Games

    No not the one where Frank and his partner stuff seafood up each others arses and see who pukes first, the one that every cunt keeps prattling on about on Netflix. Boring childish shite, badly acted and watched only by people who watch Super hero films and 007 films. If you haven't watched it but are curious I bet you won't get past episode 3.
  11. Do you live in a fucking lift?
  12. For Somali government official read corrupt, murderous, lying despot.
  13. Fuck the law, he and everyone associated with him, friends, family and countrymen should be rounded up and dropped back in that fucking aids infested shithole that is Somalia.A British national my fucking arse!
  14. I'd have to bleach the skin first, that dark shade does fuck all for me.
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