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  1. They were jealous of you lot,they wanted their own Burns night
  2. Those of you that haven't heard this cunt speak will probably be shocked on how he fucking talks,stomach churning gaylord cunt.
  3. Was the cunt born in a cardboard box? Fucking Square headed poof cunt.
  4. I would never have guessed that was the face of the mincing little prick coming out of my radio but the fact that he is tanned as well as raging iron means he was fast tracked to get the job thus leaving many white,straight normal people behind.Utter box ticking cunts
  5. I remember being down the stables and seeing hanging above the stable doors name tags saying 'One One' & 'Two Two',"They were racehorses" said the maid,"One One was a racehorse and Two two was one too,One One won one race one day and Two Two won one too" Just.Fuck.Off
  6. I'll never forget the day my dad bought a racehorse home and my mum went fucking apeshit,"What the fuck you going to do with that?" she yelled, "race it" said the old man,She screamed back at him "Yeah?,and by the fucking state of it you'd fucking beat it" I'm 'ere all week
  7. My grandad used to spunk all his money too,"20 to 1 Bar" they'd say,"I'll have a fiver on that fucker" he'd say,silly cunt.
  8. At least he didn't fuck with kids like a lot of the other beeb pervs, If he snorted cocaine off of some whores jugs whilst pissed up then fucking good luck to him,the lucky bastard.
  9. The McCain ad is fucking nauseating, flids,dykes,chessboard the fucking works. Cunts
  10. Because he is the only member,If he invited ALL of his friends he could hire out a phone box.......and there would still be room for 2 more.FORE!(skin)
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