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  1. A black music version is being released....Puff Diddy men,Gary Glitter's version is Kiddy fiddly men and one for the disabled..Fliddymen I'm 'ere all week
  2. In the words of Derek & Clive..."You fucking stupid fucking cunt"
  3. I laughed my fucking cock off in the hope that the person who designed this knew EXACTLY what he was doing,hats off to you whoever you are.
  4. Yup,cos of that dozy cunt in the Magic Roundabout
  5. Was that a childhood name that you referred fucking idiots to? We had a boy at school called Ian Bolton who had a clubbed foot and hair lip thus rendering anyone who dared to drop a bollock or say something stupid instantly called a 'Bolton!' Said whilst slapping your palm against the back of your other hand while simultaneously curling your tongue down behind your lower lip.School days eh?
  6. Agreed,the worst fucking line ever in that movie when one of his cohorts called the bloke strapped in the chair a 'cunting spunker'
  7. I gamble everytime I go online,will or won't I get a visit from the authorities asking to view my search history.
  8. They could remake 'Honey I Skunk The Kids' or Honey I Blew Up The Gig'
  9. They should redo Jungle Book,no shortage of people to choose from innit.
  10. I didn't say I wouldn't fuck it now did I,I'd have to bag it first,those chops would induce an intant droop.
  11. There's so little of the original left and the new bits will start falling apart before too long so hopefully she'll get fucked off for good.Publicity whore describes her to a tee.Rubber lipped cum bucket.
  12. *Pedant Alert* What the fuck is an 'Envoromentalist' ?
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