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  1. Occasionally the odd shit smearer and eater gets in.
  2. The most published Doctor in the World in the speciality of cardio renal medicine does not need his strings pulled 30 minutes later to correct himself. Of course, he is difficult to find in mainstream platforms. I believe a 25 year old “fact checker” with 40 years medical experience had him removed from Twitter. https://www.bitchute.com/video/64CAk8DKvagD/
  3. FFS, what are you trying to achieve? I can see you didn't identify Lady P's real name, but there was enough information for those who haven't yet identified her to do so. Please remember, we all say things on here that are a bit dodgy and some of us may have difficulty accounting for our words if up in front of the authorities. I would for one and so would you too, so we are all in the same boat. Don't shit in it, drop your guts outside. Some people give too much info out and that is ultimately the root of the problem. Don't make matters worse.
  4. My interest in these two sets of data is the number of people who have died from the Delta variant during the seven days who are fully vaccinated, as it is greater than those who are unvaccinated. Only about 20% of adults are completely unvaccinated, but only 58% are fully vaccinated. The per capita rate of those dying in the fully vaccinated group is significantly higher than the unvaccinated, hence my comment about the age being absent having an obvious bearing. Also, we had mass testing this time in June last year, restrictions were probably more lax and mask wearing had not been mandated. However our case rate is about seven times higher now. Hospital activity is vastly up on this time last year, which could point to many cases emanating from healthcare institutions.
  5. This is interesting. Shame the age ranges are not included.
  6. It appears it is part of the latest update from the platform provider. I concur. It looks fucking awful. I will have a look into it whilst the English kneeling cuckolds are getting schooled in how to kick a ball around a manicured semi-synthetic lawn.
  7. It's not all down to me, but I don't have any intention of retiring....unless I am dead of course.
  8. I remember those, in aid of the spastic society. It appears they are collectables. Each to their own I suppose.
  9. FFS you are going at it like a young man goes at his first whiff of quim. If you want to be here for the long game, slow it down, please.
  10. We can't have a spastic spewing nonce accusations. No class whatsoever. Proper cunting only.
  11. Admin

    Dominic Raab

    Disruption of thread with inane bollocks before the thread has a chance to develop. Have a rest for the weekend.
  12. Have a rest for 24 hours. All has been explained about where to nominate and where to have acrimony. It's not hard to comprehend.
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