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  1. It's not all down to me, but I don't have any intention of retiring....unless I am dead of course.
  2. I remember those, in aid of the spastic society. It appears they are collectables. Each to their own I suppose.
  3. FFS you are going at it like a young man goes at his first whiff of quim. If you want to be here for the long game, slow it down, please.
  4. We can't have a spastic spewing nonce accusations. No class whatsoever. Proper cunting only.
  5. Admin

    Dominic Raab

    Disruption of thread with inane bollocks before the thread has a chance to develop. Have a rest for the weekend.
  6. Have a rest for 24 hours. All has been explained about where to nominate and where to have acrimony. It's not hard to comprehend.
  7. Mr r_soles, I removed your signature picture of that young lady on the spectrum, who thinks the end of the World is nigh. I simply don't want to look at her mongy face every time I see your posts. It was getting on my tits. No apologies.
  8. Don't forget the certificate.
  9. I generally live and let live on these pages. However, I have had my fill of certain people and practices. The site needs to continue, but it will be on an irreversible decline if the current situation is allowed to continue. 1) Frank. You are not capable of producing any content other than repeated insults. I asked you to put a nom up, you had time, but you failed. It's over. 2) Lady P. Continual mind numbing nominations and pointless content. Less is more. Your longevity does not afford you any privileges. Change or the exit will be shown. 3) Decimus. Stop continually looking
  10. No calling other contributors a nonce. Have 24 hours in the cooler. If you come back, get your act together.
  11. What was that? Was it the Chinese?

  12. Errrm... For how much longer are my posts having to be approved before I can use the site freely again?  This latest moderation tool is ridiculous & ludicrous! 


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