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  1. Welcome back, Scotty…where the fuck have you been? I’ve been holding your fucking coat for four fucking years.
  2. Inclusivity? Yea, right. Include me out!
  3. It’s not him I object to. He seems a sound enough individual. It’s the media driven fucking circus that really gets under my skin.
  4. Pfizer…. Pah..foreign rubbish!
  5. It’s a bloody fiasco.
  6. Tiresome nonsense…don’t worry they won’t get rich off the book sales
  7. To be honest though..I would have paid money to have witnessed it.
  8. I know, it beggars belief but the trouble with the “right on” brigade is that they are only capable of group think. No one person is able to exercise independent judgement in case they get it wrong. Hence this fucking debacle. Note that the counsellors all spluttering with indignation are of Asian origin and are probably absolutely fucking clueless about the workings of their “right on” leftie domain…hence this teeth clenching clusterfuck.
  9. I know lots of British born Asians who are diehard England Cricket fans.
  10. I wish you well lads…I’m getting pissed on Albanian raki. It tastes like shite but it’ll clear the pipes out.
  11. Isn’t he some sort of chut?
  12. I’ll shit on it first ..then pass it on
  13. I expect that was the Armenian quarter
  14. Yeah… the George Cross… that makes me feel so much better.
  15. (I appear to have wandered into the dark net by mistake)
  16. In a sense, I agree with this. Freedom of choice. You either elect to have it …or not. I know things extend a little further than this, but how long does this go on for? People make a choice then live by it.
  17. 2 things….where did the pic come from (national security) . How did she get this job?
  18. It’s her canting self righteousness that sets my snaggled teeth on edge. If Matt Hancock has time to shaft a dolly in between making excuses for his perpetual ineptitude then good for him. But,if she can’t score a direct hit on the fact of his incompetence then she needn’t bother about aiming at his moral turpitude. I don’t think anyone really cares.
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