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  1. Yes it did become touchy, and I’ll explain why…going back around 4 years, I hid the thread after a dreadful poem had been posted . Another mod had already pulled the poem (quite rightly). But, it prompted me to read through the whole thread again. The original McCann threads highlighted the absurdities around the case and consequent public pronouncements, but it had become reduced to mocking the death or likely death of a small child. My view was then, as it is now that this was well wide of the mark. As always, I was absolutely prepared to justify my actions to anyone who pursued the issue but it had gone far enough and needed to end. So…it did.
  2. Mr Southgate’s scriptwriter clearly isn’t a thinker and Mr Southgate himself must be a bit diffy in allowing himself to say some of this teeth clenchingly ill informed, hypocritical, dual standard, fawning nonsense. I suspect there is a principle gap paired with common or garden variety self interest salted with good old fashioned ignorance at work here. I see mr Hamilton through the same eyes. But, not Mr Rashford.
  3. I suspect that someone has stepped in another hidden mess of his making. I wonder what next?
  4. Harsh, but there are a lot of aggrieved and deranged people out there.
  5. You are obsessed with deviant poofery… what’s the matter with you? MP gets offed in his constituency and this is the best you’ve all got. Disagreement and debate are the heart of democracy but MPs in this country have hardly covered themselves in glory in recent years with regular pay rises, expense scandals and the universal appalling general level of integrity and commitment over Brexit which has torn the country apart. Now they are all rattled at the prospect of a vengeful and irate electorate. This is a tragedy at any level but I can’t say I’m that surprised that an MP has been targeted in this way..There are a lot of odd buggers out there.
  6. I disagree with that….completely. That’s like saying television can make you gay.
  7. Stop this , Eric. I took the post out . It was clumsy and lazy.
  8. It’s just baffling to me.
  9. This is it…….these people are not thinkers , are they?
  10. I rather liked “propoganda”.
  11. The economy is bigger than our own work force is able to sustain. There is an inevitable reliance on migrant labour.
  12. There was a cringe making picture of Starmer and Rayner taking the knee in some run down office somewhere , a few months ago. It didn’t make me want to run out and vote Labour, I can tell you. The Tory mob? Have they no insight?
  13. I will agree that as you sow shall ye reap.
  14. They are cunts…for precisely the same reason as their opposition are cunts. Both sides of the same coin. I can’t imagine what it must be like living among this fucking madness.
  15. Yes, I fuck ‘em, you eat ‘em
  16. Liars…cheats and fucking thieves.
  17. Fucking right…. (Back of the net) where the fuck are they? Put me on the back benches…I’d have them hung by their own entrails by lunchtime…. How hard can it be?
  18. Wankers……..utter wankers. This government could be improved by loading the cabinet with random people plucked off the fucking street. This is total , blasé incompetence combined with dogma driven failure to act to ensure continuity of supply and food production. Yes, I knew something like this was in the offing , I’ve been waiting for it. The cunts have been asleep at the wheel and yes, I expect to see more and more breathtaking negligence and dereliction of duty as time progresses. You voted for them you cunts….. enjoy your fucking victory.
  19. “Backless” driving gloves.
  20. It’s my own design… two single coils ,neck and middle…piezo in the bridge.full graphic on the top of the arch..one micro switch pick up selector and one master volume control. It works fine on acoustic strings.
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