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  1. I am deeply touched by all your messages of support at this difficult time x
  2. The fat cunt has turned his back and I am sleeping in my car, it’s bloody freezing.
  3. Eddie

    Sheridan Smith

    Ape I simply quoted in the open forum the sexual preference of the ras, something he had pm me. I don’t like him one bit.
  4. Ex wife jokes, really? Well if you want my come back, it’s up your mums arse...
  5. Hi Ras, from Evening Eddie, nah never been married. I'll wait another 20 years or so when I need a woman to clean up etc and keep me company. Until then I'll happily go in and out of relationships. There are so many sexy women out there it would be shame not to try and get together with as many as possible. I leave getting married and becoming a miserable cunt untill much later. to self-deprecating in one thread, my work is done, LOL X
  6. Moring Ras, you do seem to have a lot of time on your hands for a player of your magnitude, elasticated waisted diabetic stud you.
  7. you’ve spent all day on here, Childless, friendless, a dull 16st blob, why do you think you are on your own at 42 years of age?
  8. The man is a 40 something childless bender, obese to boot. I don’t think he leaves mothers house very often let alone drive a car. I too want him dead.
  9. What is your body to fat ratio?
  10. Neil i lived by in Singapore, my apartment overlooked the harbour, a stop off point for most but for me my home. Never ate a dog even when I visited 4 floors of whores...
  11. Fat, 40 year old virgin, lives with his mum. Get on a diet or even the Thai brides won’t be interested...
  12. Yes ras I was black Alan a few years ago, pm me your old id.
  13. The 40 year old virgin who lives with parents does overrate his abilities, thick as shit.
  14. Eddie

    The Chinese

    What’s turned the tide Eric? You are about as popular as a pork chop at bar mitzvah, from top place to languishing, what’s gone on?
  15. Are you an extra on east Enders? the avatar has sailed way above your dim bonce, it’s a dig at another cc member who proved to be a far worthy opponent. Mug lol indeed.
  16. No because you’re a poof. I rest my case.
  17. Let’s put the facts together. 42 no long term relationship over the top heterosexual posts (denial) no children On cc all day with immediate responses you don’t have to be Freud to join the dots, single white poof living with his parents, no job and lack of self esteem. Prove me wrong Ras
  18. You know he is a bloke right?
  19. You would like to ‘dick’ my arse you old poofta, I had work to do, as a childless 40 year old virgin living with your parents you can do what you like all day, Do you own a blow up doll and have you named him? answer the question.
  20. Can you honestly, hand on heart beleive what he just said....all that late night bollocks he comes out with and i'm Bob Monkhouse, say it ain't so.
  21. I will get back to you on this.
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